Strictly Come Dancing 2012: Dani Harmer is struggling to be sexy and takes a panto break!

by Lisa McGarry

Dani Harmer is reportedly struggling with some of the more raunchy aspects of her new Strictly Come Dancing routine.

The stunning star has been paired with pint sized professional Vincent Simone for the new series of the BBC show and has been gushing on twitter about how much she is enjoying her time in training with him.

Vincent is known for his very passionate style of performing and is reportedly trying to channel some of that sexiness into Dani’s performance for the first live show in two weeks time. However insiders claim that the Tracey beaker star is having a hard time ‘strutting her stuff.’

One source told The Sun:

“Dani isn’t used to strutting her stuff on stage and is finding that her biggest challenge is trying to be sexy when she dances.”

They also claimed that the young actress feels particularly self conscious about the fact that she’ll be up against sex bombs such as Kimberley Walsh, once the competition kicks off. The insider added:

“She worried that Kimberley in particular will run circles around her when it comes to the live shows.”

Harmer’s raunchy rehearsals have been cancelled for today though, because she’s traveling to York to begin work on a new panto that she’s starring in later this year.

Dani revealed on twitter last night:

‘Gutted I won’t be with @vincentsimone tomorrow 🙁 but I do get to dress up as Cinderella so there is a silver lining xxx’

She added this morning:

‘It is far too early to be awake!! But it’s panto time!!! Even thou it’s September! Xxx’

Harmer had quite the train journey to get to her new job and apparently it wasn’t a pleasant one. We have to admit that we chuckled when we read her most recent tweet, which said:

‘I’m going to judo chop the group of ladies behind me on the train! They are talking so loudly about nothingness and keep waking me up 🙁 xxx’

Now that would make a good headline!

We can’t wait to see Dani and Vincent perform together for the first time on the 5th of October. Are you excited? Leave your comments below….

Lisa McGarry

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