Strictly Come Dancing 2012: Denise Van Outen is injured but James Jordan is still too scared to dance with her!

by Lisa McGarry

Denise Van Outen has hurt her feet so badly, that’s currently rehearsing for Strictly Come Dancing with no shoes on, she has revealed.

The former Big breakfast presenter was confirmed as a contestant on the BBC show last week and was partnered with the delectable dancer James Jordan.

The blonde beauty has revealed that in order to dance with her new and very tall partner, she has had to don a pair of impossibly high shoes and as a result has more blisters on her foot than you would find on a roll of bubble wrap!

Writing in her blog, the mum of one revealed:

“I feel that I’m at a slight disadvantage this week as my feet are so badly blistered due to dancing in heels, that I can’t even get my shoes on and I’m having to practice barefoot until they heal.”

It’s not all bad though and Denise revealed that despite the pain, the hectic schedule and long rehearsals, she’s loving her Strictly experience so far. She added:

“Even so, I wouldn’t change a thing as I’m loving every minute of it!”

She might be enjoying it, but it doesn’t sound as if the same can be said for poor James. He revealed on Twitter this morning that he is so scared of Van Outen, that he cried himself to sleep last night.

Jordan tweeted:

‘Im outside at training…but she scares me and I’m afraid to go in!! Been crying myself to sleep at night!!’

We just hope Ola was there to mop his brow and make him some hot cocoa!

We’re not sure that we buy James’ claims though, as it was only a few days ago that he was punishing Denise by putting her on the naughty stair, after she was five minutes late for rehearsals.

It sounds like he’s a hard task master but we have to admit, we are totally loving the banter between James, Brendan Cole and Denise this year. Roll on the first live show!

Lisa McGarry

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