Strictly Come Dancing 2012: Kimberley Walsh introduces us to this weeks fusion dance, the TaChango!

by Anna Howell

Kimberley Walsh and her pro dancing partner, Pasha Kovalev danced a rock and roll jive on Saturday night’s Strictly Come Dancing with perfect synchronicity.  Head Judge, Len Goodman said they did a great job, Bruno Tonioli said they had great energy and timing and that their side to side kicks and flicks were excellent and Darcey said that Kimberley matched Pasha’s energy level, but what did they think of their performance?

Having already been in the dance off once this series, Girls Aloud singer, Kimberley is desperate to secure a place in the semi-final next week, and is hoping that her combined Tango and Cha Cha will be enough to do that.

Speaking to Zoe Ball on BBC2 spin-off show, It Takes Two, the couple explained more:

Did you enjoy the jive on Saturday night?

Kimberley:  “We did actually; we had a really good time.  I was so nervous but we managed to get the energy out with the kicks and flicks which was good.”

The judges all pointed out you brilliant side by side synchronicity; you must have been very pleased?

Kimberley:  “Yes, we did work on that a lot.”

Joint second on the leader board, 34 points again, do you feel like you are in Groundhog Day?

Kimberley:  “Do you know what, 34 is an amazing score, and obviously they are different dances that we are doing every week, so actually we feel that we are doing pretty well to stay at the same level.  There is no up or down, we are just exactly the same in every dance.  But we will obviously try and take it to the next level, which we try to do every week and this one is no different.  We just have to go out there and go for it.”

How did you feel when Craig gave you a nine?

Kimberley:  “That was our first nine from Craig.”

Pasha:  “I was surprised.”

Kimberley:  “Yeah I was.”

Pasha, the judges did argue that the travelling through the legs segment could have been a bit slicker, was that a move that was tricky in training?

Kimberley:  “It’s a hard trick to do, sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t.”

Pasha:  “The thing is in training it always actually worked, that part of the trick always worked.  The second one we had some problems with, but the first one never went wrong.  But it is a live show and anything can happen.”

Kimberley:  “It was me, I am sorry.”

Pasha:  “No, you were great.”

You were joint with Dani and Vincent on the leader board again is it good to have some healthy rivalry?

Kimberley:  “It is actually, me and Dani are always joking because we have been the same for so many weeks, then she left us for a little while, then she was like “We’re back!”

You had said you were looking forward to the Jive Kimberley; did it live up to your expectations?

Kimberley:  “It did, I really loved the jive, but it was so hard work.  I don’t think I realised just how much energy you need for the jive, especially jiving with Pasha!”

Pasha, where did you meet the Jive Bunny, as he is from Rotherham!

Pasha:  “It’s kind of a long story.  I was touring the UK and I met him in a bar, we started arguing about Jive, it nearly turned into a fight, but we ended up becoming good friends!”

This week is the Dance Fusion week, and you are doing a mixture of a Tango and a Cha Cha…

Kimberley:  “The new dance on the street is the TaChango!”

How beautifully do they knit together?

Pasha:  “It depends on the song.  I think the song we have leads the two nicely together.  The only problem is that Tango is really dramatic and Cha Cha is happy.”

Kimberley:  “We are trying to find a face that works with both.”

You did really well with your original Tango…

Kimberley:  “We absolutely loved it and we can’t wait to do it again.”

Do you have any tricks planned for this week?

Pasha:  “We are allowed one trick this week.”

Kimberley:  “We tried something today, I hope it doesn’t need a crash mat, and that I manage to master it and pull it off.”

Pasha:  “It starts right in the beginning of the song and she gets down from the lift towards the end.  It is quite a long lift.”

Kimberley:  “I’m not quite sure I am going to manoeuvre yet but we will find a way.”

Only a couple of weeks from the final now, how much do you want to be in it?

Kimberley:  Do you know what, there actually has been blood sweat and tears, at some point along this journey, and we would absolutely love to get into the semi-finals but everyone is amazing so we are just going to have to go out there on Saturday and do our best”

Watch Kimberley and Pasha’s Jive in the clip below:

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