Strictly Come Dancing 2012: Len Goodman praises ‘best series yet’ but wasn’t fussed on Lisa Riley & Louis Smith’s dance fusion

by Lisa McGarry

Len Goodman has admitted that he is loving this year’s series of Strictly Come Dancing.

The head judge who also works on US series Dancing With The Stars is loving the lineup, the talent and the characters on the 2012 series and seems pretty sad that it is all coming to an end in less than two week’s time.

Speaking on It Takes Two, the star said:

“We say it every year and sometimes we just saying it for saying so, but this is the best one, honestly. It’s the first time I knew everyone that was on it.”

“I think the mix of characters that we’ve had…we’ve had some funny ones, we’ve had some good ones, some not so good, it was just a good mix. I have really enjoyed doing it.”

Len was a big fan of last week’s theme, dance fusion which had never been done in the UK before. It was a favourite of the US series and saw the couples mixing together two different styles of performances in one routine.

He explained:

“I thought it was terrific because it is a challenge, and it’s not just a challenge for our celebrities, who have got to learn two different dances with different characterisations and techniques but also for the pros, they have to be inventive. They have to think ‘how can we go into this one and get back into that one.’ I thought the pros did a great job but I thought the celebrities were brilliant.”

Len liked the routines that mixed two styles of dancing constantly as it went on and not the ones that were split cleanly in half. He wasn’t as impressed by those of Louis Smith and Lisa Riley as some of the others and continued:

“There was a couple of them – Lisa’s one and Louis’ – which were half and half and that worked but I prefer the ones that are really a mix up. It keeps you watching as a judge and as a viewer.”

He was impressed by Nicky Byrne’s efforts, even though the Westlife star was eliminated on Sunday and said:

“I thought they all pulled it off, one of the hardest was Nicky’s. The samba is tough and then an American Smooth kind of foxtrot. To mix them in is much harder than say a quickstep and a charleston, as they are upbeat.”

Are you a Strictly Come Dancing fan? Do you think this has been the best series? Leave your comments below…

Lisa McGarry

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