Strictly Come Dancing 2012: Louis Smith is going to incorporate gymnastics into his routines – Victoria Pendleton is bricking it over live shows!

by Lisa McGarry

Louis Smith has revealed that he will consider adding some gymnastic elements to his dance routines, if he survives a while in the competition.

The Olympic medal winning gymnast was confirmed as a contestant on Strictly Come Dancing last week and was partnered with Flavia Cacace on Saturday’s launch show.

He quickly became the bookies favourite to win, after he performed backflips across the floor during his first ever group routine and it sees that viewers can expect more of those antics as the series progresses.

Smith told The Belfast telegraph:

“I’m sure we’re going to incorporate some gymnastics somewhere along the series, but we want to go quite far just by doing dancing and see how far we can get.”

Len Goodman will not be pleased. We know how he hates all that extra, showy, non dance stuff!

During the interview, Smith also revealed that he is loving working with Flavia already and admitted that he can’t believe how patient she has been with him during their initial few training sessions.

The couple will be performing a Cha-Cha-Cha on the first live show and Louis said:

“It’s good fun but it’s hard work. We had our first training session today, she’s being quite patient with me. She seems pleased, I hope so.

“The Cha Cha is quite complex, there’s a lot to remember, it’s done really quick so there’s a lot of footwork, but it’s good.”

Meanwhile, though Louis seems quite psyched about the start of the live shows on the 5th of October, one person who isn’t quite so excited is stunning cyclist Vidtoria Pendleton.

She will be working with Brendan Cole, who is known for being a hard task master and having high expectations from his partner and the judges and it seems that Vic is feeling the pressure.

Speaking on BBC Breakfast this morning, the Olympic star confessed that she is getting a bit worried and explained:

“It’s pretty scary, we were all pretending to dance because we didn’t have time to know what we were doing on the first show.”

While many fans thought that her high level of fitness would help her on the BBC show, Pendleton says that for now, her abilities are actually working against her. She continued:

“It’s very challenging, physically not so much but my feet don’t bend the way they’re supposed to after years of cycling.”

Victoria added: “I’m hoping that I’ll wake up one morning and I’ll be ‘Yes, I remember it now!”

Strictly Come Dancing returns on the 5th of October and we can’t wait to see how Louis and Victoria get on. Do you think they’ll shine? Leave your comments below….

Lisa McGarry

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