Strictly Come Dancing 2012: Michael Vaughan hoping he won’t drop Natalie Lowe and he can’t even think about the final!

by Lisa McGarry

Michael Vaughan has been on the up on Strictly Come Dancing over the last few weeks and he’s hoping it’s a pattern he continue to follow this weekend.

The cricket star finished in third place on the judges leaderboard on Saturday, after the judges raved about his latest ballroom routine and he confessed that the reception from the panel, and the reaction from the crowd in Wembley Arena is one he will remember for a long time to come.

Michael said:

“I’ve played at Lords and got a standing ovation for scoring 100… that matched it. I know cricket fans will ask how I could compare that but to get a standing ovation at Wembley, to finish the show, it doesn’t get any better than that.”

Natalie Lowe revealed last week that she was flabbergasted when bosses asked her and Michael to perform the last dance of the evening in the huge venue but Michael said that being given the honour of closing the show actually bolstered his confidence, because he knew producers were expecting him to do well.

On It Takes Two this week he explained:

“People said it must have put me under pressure but it actually gave me a lot of confidence to know that they trusted me and Natalie to finish the show. We must have been doing something right in rehearsals so it pushed me to try and produce a great dance.”

Michael goes on to perform an Argentine Tango this weekend and he admitted that even through there are only a few weeks left in the BBC series, he can’t even look ahead to the final.

He’s just worried about perfecting his next routine and about dropping Natalie during their three lifts.

He said:

“To be honest at this point I’m not even thinking about the final, I’m thinking about the Argentine Tango, about trying to produce another great dance and trying to entertain, which is what it’s all about. ”

“But I am loving it and I’d love to last a few more weeks.”

Speaking about this week’s Latin routine, Michael continued:

“I have enjoyed every dance but this is a new challenge. It’s very sexy and very emotional. Three more lifts and I haven’t dropped her yet. ”

Do you think Michael and Natalie an make the final? Have you enjoyed their journey so far? Leave your comments below…..

Lisa McGarry

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