Strictly Come Dancing 2012: ‘Nervous’ Dani Harmer hits back at fat jibes again!

Poor old Dani Harmer has faced criticism over her weight again this week.

The 23 year old looks stunning and certainly knows how to strut her stuff in the skimpy costumes of Strictly Come Dancing, however at many points during the competition she’s been criticised by online trolls who call her fat and overweight and this week the pint sized star hit back.

Speaking to The Suns’s TV Magazine Dani said that as a size eight woman, she finds the insults ‘ridiculous’ and said:

“I’m not fat.

“For people to say I am is ridiculous. Yes, I have curves but I’m proud of that and I’m only a size 6.”

Dani also addressed the issue on her Twitter page this week, messaging her followers saying:

“Hate on me as much as you like! But I like being curvy! #ShakeWhatYourMummaGaveYa”

Harmer doesn’t understand why she gets hate and criticism, yet people love Kimberley Walsh’s similarly proportioned bum.

She told the magazine: “Kimberley Walsh has the same size bum as me, We often compare them because both of us have a lot of junk in the trunk.”

“Strictly has helped me feel sexier, but sexiness has nothing to do with your weight – I’ve always been confident with how I look.”

Dani Harmer on Strictly Come Dancing

Dani will take to the Strictly dancefloor in just a few minutes time to perform on this week’s quarterfinal show.

She and Vincent Simone have been working all week on their dance fusion routine, but she’s pretty nervous about it all and tweeted:

“The only way we can get to the semi finals is with your help! So if you pick up the phone and vote #TeamSmurf we will love you forever!! Xxx”

She added:

“So nervous this week!! I have no idea who is going to leave! No one is safe!! Got everything crossed that it goes ok #TeamSmurf xxx”

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