Strictly Come Dancing 2012: Nicky Byrne is a fake tan addict thanks to SCD!

by Lynn Rowlands

Strictly Come Dancing star Nicky Byrne has revealed that thanks to the show, he’s developed an addiction to fake tanning, despite the fact that in the show’s early stages this year, he actually legged it when faced with his first tangoing.

TV Biz reports, “The former Westlife singer objected to the sunkissed look so much that he initially ran away when threatened with a spray tan by show bosses.

“But the heart-throb has admitted he now slathers on bronzing products.”

He said, “Fake tan will be here for life now. It is something I put a barrier up to but once I had seen myself on a couple of the shows, I realised the look was perfect on TV.”

Poor deluded – and orange – Nicky added, “When you first get it done you do look like you have been Tangoed.

“But I suppose after a shower and the next day, it doesn’t look so bad.”

But on a serious note, Nicky, who has of course been in the bottom two twice, including last weekend when he was up against Michael Vaughan, revealed how he found it difficult to get back his knocked confidence.

He said, “It has happened twice and it is never a nice position, especially when you are up against Vaughnie, who is a good mate.

“However, I get the bragging rights for the rest of our lives now as I won out of us two.

“It’s not a position I would like to find myself in again and I am working my ar*e off to stop it happening again.”

However, he does of course face tough competition as the contest is nearing its conclusion. Of his competitors, Nicky said, “Denise has always been a front-runner and Kimberley is brilliant, she has worked so hard.

“But I hate singling people out because Dani Harmer never drops the ball and Lisa Riley is brilliant as well — she puts in so much effort and everybody loves her.

“I can’t call it this weekend. It will be a surprise whoever goes.

“The problem is that the samba is a banana skin routine for males. It is a lot of hips and body rolls, through your whole upper body.

“Then it’s straight into the American smooth foxtrot. which is very elegant.

“It is also impossible to decide what shoes to wear as there are different types for both dances.”

But it seems his choice of footwear is a crucial one!

He explained, “I had a fair few kicks in the shin while performing the Argentinian tango last week, then the footwear this week has either left me falling over my own heels or slipping on to my ar*e.

“I even got an elbow in the face today. It’s more like boxing than Strictly Come Dancing.”

Here’s a reminder of Nicky’s performance last weekend…

Lynn is an editor and writer here at Unreality TV and is a trained psychotherapist and the author of two books. She's addicted to soaps, period drama and reality TV shows such as X Factor, Big Brother, BGT and I'm A Celeb.