Strictly Come Dancing: Ashley Banjo says each dance has to have a message & Scott Mills has a thing for Susanna Reid

by Nick Barnes


On last night’s It Takes Two, Zoe ball was joined by Ashley Banjo, Anneka Rice and Scott Mills to give their input on the series so far.

Ashley gave some smashing advice on what the celebrities have to do to connect with the audience, Scott couldn’t make his mind up about who he liked the most on the show and Anneka Rice thinks that Sophie Ellis-Bextor is faaabulous dahling.

When asked if he had any advice for the celebrities and what it is they have to do on a Saturday night, Ashley Banjo explained: “I suppose you have to know what you’re saying, you have to know what you’re doing. With our show, the first thing we get right is the message – when we know what we want to say to people, then it’s about relaxing and having fun. Our show is the biggest we’ve ever done, it’s a big scary adventure, but we’re going to go on stage and put our heart and soul into it”.

Anneka Rice, who seemingly told us she’d appeared on Hell’s Kitchen, said that she can’t take her eyes of Sophie Ellis-Bextor each week as she always does an “extraordinary” dance.


When asked what her favourite dance of the series so far has to be, she said: “Well Sophie I find I can’t take my eyes off her – she’s like a newborn colt, but then she puts in this most extraordinary, compelling performance, so for me it’d have to be her doing the Charleston”.

Meanwhile, Scott Mills, voice of the radio couldn’t make his mind up about who he liked the most. Of course, some of the celebrities have been on his Radio 1 show before, so to keep the piece he virtually said he likes everyone… but he has a little thing for Susanna Reid!

Scott Mills gushed: “I’ve got a problem because I’m good friends with Deborah Meaden, she’s on my show all of the time, but then so is Rachel Riley. But now, I have a thing for Susanna Reid. I just really like her, I thought Susanna was great last week. I know they said it was messy but I really liked her”.

Strictly Come Dancing continues this evening at 6:30pm on BBC One/HD.

Nick Barnes

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