Strictly Come Dancing 2013: Ashley Taylor Dawson “enjoyed dancing” the Jive, but he’s turning into an old man…

by Nick Barnes

Strictly Come Dancing
On Saturday evening, Ashley Taylor Dawson and his professional partner Ola Jordan dazzled with their Jive. There was a little criticism about how Ashley needed to point his toes a bit more, but other than that they did brilliantly with an overall score of 31 points.

For the first time in five weeks on the show, Ashley revealed that he “enjoyed dancing” the Jive last weekend as it was quite a fast routine and it was coupled with “a fun song”. He realised there was nowhere to hide with the Jive so he threw himself into it… and what a brilliant job he did.

“I finally enjoyed dancing!” Ashley exclaimed “It was just a fun song and the Jive is so quick. There’s nowhere to hide so I just thought I’d go for it”.

The pair scored a total of 31 points once again this weekend, for the third weekend running – which is also subsequently Ashley’s age. Speaking about the scores, Ola said: “We want to improve every week, but we’re happy with the points, we’re happy with how we’re performing on a Saturday night – we’re improving”.

One of the problems with Ashley’s dance on Saturday night was that there was a lack of pointing in the feet area, however Ashley blamed it on the type of shoes he was wearing. He was wearing more casual shoes than dancing shoes, so it was hard for him to point his toes properly. It’s okay Ash… we’re on your side!!

“We did work on the footwork. His feet are very big feet, so we do work on the feet,” Ola said.

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Ashley added: “It’s a fast dance but it was the first one where I felt I was in the zone doing it. I enjoyed it and I knew the steps. When I looked at Ola, it made me smile. The whole thing made me smile, which I think took away the nerves as well”.

So, throughout the week’s, we’ve seen Ashley display his child-like nature in rehearsals, but this week, he turned into an old man. He’s complained a lot about how his poor legs and ankles have been hurting him from all the dancing. Poor Ash!

Now, moving onto Halloween week on the show, the pair have got the Tango to dance.

Speaking about the dance, Ola said: “There’s lots of dancing, lots of steps. We have to get into the character and we’re looking forward to the Tango. It’s gonna be good”.

Strictly Come Dancing continues on Saturday (November 2) at 6:30pm on BBC One/HD.

Nick Barnes

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