Strictly Come Dancing 2013: Ashley Taylor Dawson is feeling more confident this week & this evenings American Smooth is “Hollywood glamour” and “beautiful”

by Nick Barnes

Ashley Taylor Dawson ola jordan 1

Tomorrow evening, Ashley Taylor Dawson and his professional partner, Ola Jordan will dance the American Smooth to Robbie Williams’ version of Beyond the Sea.

Appearing on Friday (October 4) evening’s It Takes Two, Ashley revealed that he has had a hectic week and has managed to cram as much training in as possible. Of course, his wife gave birth to baby Mason earlier this week.

“Amazing. My incredible Mrs is fine and it’s so nice that the baby’s there now and when the phone goes, I don’t start shaking and sweating, so yeah, happy times,” he gushed when asked about the new arrival.

Speaking about his mixed remarks from the judges last week, Ashley said: “As soon as I’d danced, it was a massive relief and all I was thinking was ‘have you got any water?’ as I couldn’t breathe. I was hoping they wouldn’t ask me anything. It sort of went in one ear and out of the other, but I have listened back to it and I think they were all great constructive criticisms and I have to take them on board and do my best”.

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Of Ashley’s hips, Ola said: “He’s quite hard. We’re working on everything! The hips, feet, arms – everything needs work, so there’s only one place to go and we can go up”.

“I think it should give me an advantage being on a stage and you’re used to performing to people, but it’s a completely alien thing doing ballroom, so I think when I can relate to the song, that will help. This next dance we have, the song we have is easier for me to get in to, whereas the One Direction song was very cheesy,” he said of his acting background.

Ashley went on to joke about his long “ape arms” and his “spindley, spaghetti legs”. “I find it very hard to make myself look good when I dance,” he added.

Speaking about tomorrow night’s dance, Ola teased: “It’s very Hollywood glamour, it’s beautiful and we’re enjoying it. I think it’s going to be a good dance for Ashley. It’s based on Foxtrot”.

Nick Barnes

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