Strictly Come Dancing 2013: Ashley Taylor Dawson strips off, winds up James Jordan & wears a headdress for Ola!

by Lisa McGarry


Ashley Taylor Dawson has only just commenced his Strictly Come Dancing practice sessions, but already he’s getting into the glamorous spirit of things it seems.

The gorgeous Hollyoaks actor joined the lineup of the BBC dance show last week and was paired with stunning professional Ola Jordan in the launch episode.

It seems that the new duo are having a giggle together if nothing else and earlier Ola shared a picture of her new partner in the dance studio, looking so very flamboyant.

We are used to seeing the females on the show wearing sequins, head bands, feathers and tassels, but it looks like Ashley will be joining the ladies when the live shows begin.
We know the female dancers will be embracing the glitz, sequins and feathers, and so will

ashley-taylor-dawson 1

The 31 year old attended his third rehearsal with Mrs Jordan wearing a rather fetching blue headdress and Ola tweeted:

“Day 3 of Strictly training and I think he is ready!!! @ashoztd.”

If that wasn’t enough to get you in a tizzy, then check out the follow up photograph which showed Ash whipping his shirt off in a bid to wind up Ola’s husband James Jordan.

The handsome star posted:

“@The_JamesJordan anything u can do I can do better! #apartfromdance #uaintgots***onme #onlyhadbananas.”

Ashley and Ola started their training on Thursday and before entering the rehearsal room for the first time he said:


“I really can’t wait to see how it’s going to be, one on one and how quick we can work and how quickly I will pick up the steps. Once I get that under my belt then I’ll feel a lot better about it.”

However it seems things may have gotten a little bit too technical too soon and he later tweeted:

“Just got in from my first rehearsals with @The_OlaJordan thoroughly enjoyed it… But sadly reality struck me like a slap in the face! HELP!”

Strictly Come Dancing will return on Friday 27 September.

Check out the full Strictly Come Dancing line-up in the gallery below:

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