Strictly Come Dancing 2013: Ben Cohen explains THAT topless dance & he has a special surprise on Saturday

by Nick Barnes

Strictly Come Dancing

On Satrurday evening, Rugby ace Ben Cohen performed an icy Paso Doble, which earned him and his professional partner Karen Hauer 32 points.

Appearing on It Takes Two last night, Ben revealed that there is a very special element to his Jive on Saturday and he’s hurting soooo bad! Not only that, Kristina has also hurt her foot quite badly as Ben threw her through his legs too hard…

On Saturday evening, the pair scored their highest score to date, with their first 9 coming from Len Goodman. Speaking about the dance, Ben said: “I’m pretty grounded after I started the Jive this week. It was nice to get a good result after all the work we’ve put in”.

Kristina said of drawing the Paso Doble from the hat: “Sort of, I knew it was going to be a good dance for him. He ticks all the boxes, he’s a strong powerful man which is what the dance is about and it brought the best out of him”.

Now, one of the most distracting things about last week’s dance was that Ben seemingly forgot his shirt and had to go out without one. It scarily gave us flashbacks of those P.E lessons in primary school when you’d forgotten your kit…

ben cohen

He explained: “It wasn’t necessary that I was going to go topless, but the bolero jacket looked like I’d borrowed one of my kids jackets. I was like ‘There’s absolutely no way I’m wearing that Bolero jacket’ and there was a big discussion over whether I’d do it or not. It happened… and it worked”.

“I’m so proud of this man, when we started seven weeks ago, he’d never danced before, he couldn’t put the left foot in front of the right, Kristina gushed “I’m so proud of him. He’s an amazing person to work with”.

This week, the pair will be doing the Jive and in his VT, Ben said: “It has been tough, I’m tired this week. Hopefully I can get it right. I’m trying my hardest, that’s all I can do… hopefully that’s enough”.

On last night’s show, Kristina came in bare footed… not because she’d lost her shoes but because she’s really hurt her foot in rehearsals and she can’t wear heels. As the saying goes… no heels, no shoes! She has to dance in flats on Saturday as she can’t dance in dance shoes. It’s all Ben’s fault, he slid her through his legs too hard. NOT as bad as it sounds…

“Incredibly frustrating. I’m used to quick footwork with playing rugby and trying to put it into sequens and having a bit of rhythem, it has been really hard,” Ben said when asked how rehearsals are going so far.

He also went on to reveal that he has a very speak surprised line-up for his dance on Saturday and he;s been learnt the element by one of the best…

“On the Sunday after the Paso, if I got through, I said I was going to learn how to do a back flip,” he explained “I can do them on the trampoline but not off the floor. So that was my busy Sunday. Once of my friends is Louis Smith and he helped me.”

Strictly Come Dancing continues this Saturday at 6:30pm on BBC One/HD.

Nick Barnes

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