Strictly Come Dancing 2013: Ben Cohen is ‘feeling comfortable’ about tonight’s Waltz despite missing vital training

by Nick Barnes


Ben Cohen may well have been told he was like a breeze block last week by Craig Revel Horwood, but he has bounced back for this week’s Waltz.

Unfortunately, Ben has missed out on some vital training due to being in the States promoting his anti-bullying charity, StandUp! However, despite missing training for a couple of days, Ben says he is feeling comfortable about tonight’s Waltz. Both he an his professional partner Kristin Rihanoff will perform the Waltz to What the World Needs Now by Dionne Warwick.

“Absolutely not! It’s completely out of my comfort zone, completely alien to me. No matter how much rehearsing we have done, it is hard to explain. I’ve only been dancing 12 days… I wouldn’t say it was really dancing! Before that, I had perfected the drunken stumble and that’s about it,” Ben said about last week’s first live dance.

Speaking about the judges’ comments last week, Kristina said: “Of course! Very tough, I didn’t expect that. Watching the cha cha cha back, it was a really good dance for the first time… I thought they were really mean, especially Craig. Why is he so mean?”

ben cohen kristina rihanoff

“They’re surprised… they’ve been really supportive and they come down and watch,” Ben said of his children’s reaction.

This evening, both Ben and Kristina will perform the Waltz which is a slow, graceful dance. It’s also a lot easier to pick up on any faults during the routine compared to quite a fast, snappy dance such as last week’s cha cha cha.

“I would say Rugby is played by gentleman,” he explained “I was daunted by the fact I was going to have the waltz as the cha cha cha is about the footwork and that really related to rugby and I felt comfortable. When you get the Waltz right, it’s great”.

He finally added: “This is a massive, massive learning curve”.

Nick Barnes

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