Strictly Come Dancing 2013: Dave Myers looked like ‘a panda with attitude’ on Saturday & he’s loving the Tango

by Nick Barnes

Strictly Come Dancing

King of Dad dancing, Dave Myers and his professional partner Karen Hauer appeared on Strictly Come Dancing spin-off It Takes Two last night, in which he discussed last Saturday’s dance and this week’s Tango.

Speaking of his horrific Jive on Saturday, which earned him a score of 19, he said that there was a lot of content in the dance, but overall, he loved dancing the Jive.

Speaking of Saturday’s Halloween-themed dance, Dave said: “I’m like a panda with an attitude problem. I really enjoyed it, I enjoyed the Jive. My dance was better in rehearsals than on the night”

Bruno said on Saturday that his dance was lacking in Jive elements, but Karen Hauer quickly defended the dance by saying: “I didn’t really understand that as I put so many triple steps in there and so many basic steps. The thing I’m so proud about is that he kept is timing”.

But, it wasn’t all swell for the Hairy Biker has he messed up in the dance: “About two eights in, there’s a triple step and I forgot to do it. I saw a cold ice flash across Karen’s eyes, but the thing is, I held her there longer and nobody else noticed. It’s something I got away with”.

Strictly Come Dancing

One judge that we have seen be very enthusiastic about Dave on a Saturday night is Len Goodman. Let’s face it, Dave cannot dance and he shouldn’t be anywhere near a dance floor, but for some reason head judge Len loves him!

Karen explained: “It’s fantastic to have Len, his support means a lot to us. Firstly, him being the head judge, he knows his stuff. We really trust Len and we’re glad we have him in the pocket”.

On Sunday evening, it really got down to the wire when Dave found out that he would be dancing again this weekend and surprisingly, there wasn’t a cheer or air-punch in sight from Dave. Explaining why, he said it’s just that when it gets down to the wire, it isn’t exactly appropriate to begin cheering. We reckon it was more… ‘Oh shit, I have to dance another week!’

“It was emotional and it’s true to say we all get along very well – when someone leaves, it gets very hard. When it gets down to the last two, it wasn’t us and we feel sorry for those who have to dance in the dance-off and that’s why there wasn’t a lot of cheering and rejoicing”.

This week, the pair are doing the Tango, and I predict it’ll be a disaster…

Speaking about how rehearsals are going, Karen said: “I know Dave has lived in Scotland, so he’s bringing that passion”.

Nick Barnes

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