Strictly Come Dancing 2013: Who left? Deborah Meaden or Patrick Robinson?

by Nick Barnes

Strictly Come Dancing

Well… there’s been a change in voting tactics this week as Dragon’s Den star Deborah Meaden and Casualty actor Patrick Robinson found themselves in the dance off tonight

Last night, Deborah danced the Viennese Waltz which earned her a respectable 27 points. Patrick has suffered with a dodgy hand this week and his performance was a little off last night, but he managed to score 28 points.

Following last night’s performance, Deborah was told that she had a lot more confidence this week and each judge said that they saw an improvement on last week’s dance. Patrick on the other hand (ahem) has been suffering with a dodgy wrist this week after falling over whilst roller-skating, which left his wrist quite inflamed … don’t ask us to tell you exact name of the injury, as we can’t remember. The stripped back performance showed as well as the dance was quite “stoppy and starty” according to Craig.

Following the revelation, the pair danced once again this evening and it was then revealed that Deborah Meaden and her professional partner Robin Windsor would leave the competition this week.

Strictly Come Dancing

Craig said: “I would like to save the couple who both did the best dancing in the dance off tonight and that couple of Patrick and Anya”.

Darcey added: “I just wish both couples weren’t even here, it’s so hard [having to make this decision], but I’d like to save Patrick and Anya”.

Bruno went on to give his verdict: “Let me say you both did a great job but one of you had the edge and for me that was Patrick and Anya”.

With all three judges agreeing to save Patrick and Anya, it was announced that Deborah and Robin would leave the competition.

Head judge, Len Goodman said: “Deborah, you did much better in that dance off and my heart goes out to you”.

Backstage, Deborah said that she has had the time of her life on the show but she is a dragon so there will be no tears.

“I can’t tell you! Strictly gave me a gift but the big gift that Strictly gave me was this guy [Robin],” She explained “To teach me to dance, to find something I never even knew I could do and to make it the best. He’s wonderful. There’s going to be tears. No, I’m a dragon, there’ll be no tears”.

A rather tearful Robin went on to say: “I just want to say for Deborah, she loved it so much”.

Strictly Come Dancing continues next Saturday, November 2 at 6:30pm. The results show airs on Sunday, November 3 at 7:20pm on BBC One/HD.

Nick Barnes

Nick is the Assistant Editor at Unreality TV, along with being a full-time Beyoncé obsessor! Email him at or catch him on Twitter @ImNickBarnes


  1. Wendy on October 27, 2013 at 8:49 pm

    Here we go again , awful dancers staying in at the expense of better ones . Rachel and David should have been in the dance off tonight ..

    1. XFF on October 28, 2013 at 12:44 am

      I completely agree. Rachel’s Paso was dire and Dave ceased to be funny weeks ago. I can only assume she got the sympathy vote this week xx

      1. Wendy on October 28, 2013 at 1:08 am

        Hello ! 🙂

        Yes exactly and this year we have Mark who is funny but can also dance x

  2. Donna on November 2, 2013 at 8:01 am

    Strictly should only be taken as fun. The celebrities should not be taking it serously as if their life depended on winning. I really enjoy watching Mark Benton and Dave dancing they are really funny. And hope they stay in it a long while. It is not fair that maturer celebrities get voted off first all the time. Last year it was Johnny Ball, this year the golfer it is the same pattern. Then final three boring z list celebrities left

  3. cfda on November 11, 2013 at 8:02 am


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