Strictly Come Dancing 2013: Natalie Gumede was THAT doped up she doesn’t remember last week’s dance & she is loving the Samba

by Nick Barnes

Strictly Come Dancing

Last week, Natalie Gumede and her professional partner Artem Chigventsev stole the Strictly crown once again in terms of points from the judges. The pair managed to score a whopping 35 points.

Admittedly, Natalie was doped up to the point where she can’t really remember the dance, but she still managed to dance the hell out of it. This Saturday, Natalie and Artem will be dancing the Samba and Natalie says she is loving it so far.

Okay, so we know Natalie SMASHED it on Saturday night, so we don’t really care what she has to say about the dance as she’s always so modest. But anyway, she said that she was that doped up on pain relief that she doesn’t really remember the dance! Aaaaand cue the Tweets about how she had an unfair advantage due to a bit of pain killer… we know there’s some somewhere!

“It was a tricky week, a very tricky week. Through the day it was quite hard as I was a bit dazed, but when you get on that dance floor it’s magic every time no matter what happens. I don’t remember an awful lot, but I know it felt nice”.

Strictly Come Dancing

Of course, the pair used props in their dance last week and Artem revealed on It Takes Two last night that the cane’s didn’t work too well in rehearsals. “There was a lot of droppage,” Natalie said. At this point, she’s probably lost all feeling in her hands.

Len was fussy about the amount of hold in the Quickstep last week, and Artem defended that by saying when he works out the choreography, he can see it in his eyes. The question he faces each week is whether to create a dance that sticks exactly to the rules or whether to create one that is entertaining. We prefer the latter option, who wants technical?

This week, the pair will be dancing the Samba. Fun fact time! Atem has never done the Samba before… will this be the week that Natalie dips a little?

“I think I’m in good hands. I’m worried for myself more than him,” Natalie explained.

Strictly Come Dancing continues on Saturday at 6:30pm on BBC One.

Nick Barnes

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