Strictly Come Dancing 2013: Natalie Gumede explains her dance background & says she really wants to “enjoy the experience”.

by Nick Barnes

Natalie Gumede

Former Coronation Street star Natalie Gumede is one of the Bookies’ favourites to win this year’s Strictly Come Dancing – and the show hasn’t even started yet.

She says that being the Bookies’ favourite isn’t really something that she takes in as it’s ultimately down to the public and she wants to work hard and enjoy the experience.

Speaking at the Strictly Come Dancing 2013 launch show on Wednesday (September 4) evening, Gumede said of being the Bookies’ favourite: “It’s not something we really take in, we’re here to work hard, to enjoy it and to entertain and we can’t control anything else”.

Last week, reports surfaced online that Natalie has had extensive dance training in the past, which would give her an unfair advantage on the show. However, during the interview Natalie explained her dance background and it’s not quite how it was made out in the media…

“I’m an actor who went to stage school so yes, I have danced before and yes, I danced as a child,” she explained “I haven’t done Latin or Ballroom and I have never danced professionally so I’ve got a lot to learn in a different way”.

natalie gumede

She continued: “I have never done Ballroom so it’s a different discipline to ballet and modern dance. I’m looking forward to that really and we’re all coming from different places really and anything else is up to the audience, I think”.

During the group performance, which viewers will see on Saturday evening, Gumede definitely looked like one of the front runners. When asked if she could keep that up throughout the series, she said: “I wouldn’t count on it, I really wouldn’t! There’s some fantastic potential in everybody and I don’t think you could ever rest on your laurels on this show, and I think you’d be very foolish to be so arrogant really”.

Ultimately, Natalie said that she wants to “enjoy the experience”.

Strictly Come Dancing kicks off on Saturday (September 7) at 6:50pm on BBC One/HD.


Nick Barnes

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