Strictly Come Dancing 2013: Natalie Gumede WILL be back on form this week & Artem Chigvintsev has an injury…

by Nick Barnes

Strictly Come Dancing Natalie Gumede Artem Chigvintsev

Last weekend wasn’t a good one for Natalie as she had to sit out of the show due to fainting during the dress rehearsal. A mixture of the injuries she has had previously and having virtually no rest at all culminated in her collapsing on Saturday afternoon at Elstree.

Fortunately, Natalie and her professional partner Artem Chigvintsev were given a ‘bye’ into this week’s round and she WILL be back on form by all accounts. Unfortunately, Artem has hurt his neck during rehearsals… they always bring the drama.

When asked how she is doing now, Natalie said: “I’m fully recovered, I’m feeling great and I raring to go”.

Unfortunatly this week, Artem has hurt his neck in training, to which Natalie joked: “We’re basically racing each other to A&E. One week I do my knee in, the next he does his leg in, and then I do my back in and then I break his nose…”

Due to last weekend’s mishap during training, Natalie was given a ‘Bye’ onto this week’s show, as per the Strictly Come Dancing rules. By all accounts, Natalie was really up for dancing last weekend, but unfortunately it crumbled.

Strictly Come Dancing 2013 Natalie Gumede

Artem explained: “I think it was more upsetting for Natalie actually. I was upset but the thing is, she was working so hard that week and was really looking forward to the dance… it was a really fun week”.

“It was a fierce dance, it was really energetic. Unfortunately, it was an inevitable situation after having a bad week a couple of weeks back with my back and I didn’t take rest then, I just carried on. It was my body just saying ‘slow down a little bit’.”

Explaining what this week’s training schedule has been like Natalie said: “I was back in Monday afternoon. I got the all clear from the doctors Monday morning and I had a good sleep and sometimes, that’s all it needs”.

It’s the Charleston this week, which is another fast-paced dance After the Quickstep folded last week for Natalie, was it really wise to get back into the swing of things with another fast dance? Apparently so…

”Not really, does it? We’ve taken it day by day and we have taken it easy. Unfortunately for Artem, during a lift he injurerd himself,” Natalie explained “We have had to pull back a tiny bit, but we’re enjoying ourselves and every week we bring the drama!”

“It’s kind of like being able to perform at home. It feels really exciting,” Natalie said of being able to perform back up North.

Strictly Come Dancing 2013 continues this Saturday at 6:30pm on BBC One live from Blackpool!

Nick Barnes

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