Strictly Come Dancing 2013: Patrick Robinson denies being a diva but moans “Some people are dancing all week, but I’m working!”

by Lynn Rowlands


We recently reported that a Strictly Come Dancing insider had accused Casualty star Patrick Robinson of being a “diva” backstage, claiming too that he’d reduced his pro-dance partner Anya Garnis to tears with his “tantrums.”

However, hardworking Patrick denies that he’s in any way a diva, but at the same time, he did complain that while his fellow Strictly celebs are free to rehearse and train all week, he has a hectic schedule of filming scenes for Casualty as well as training for SCD.

Speaking to the Mirror, Patrick said, “Being a diva says I’m not doing this or that, but I’m doing everything…

“I’m working 12 hour days, then doing Strictly, and I’m knackered, I’m not 25!

“When you have a chance to relax you don’t want to sit just chatting, you want to sleep.

“Some people are dancing all week, but I’m not, I’m working. I have no time to socialise.

“There’s no time for me to be having a drink. But I get on with literally everyone.”

Strictly Come Dancing

Stressed out Patrick added, “I find myself trying to trace steps and visualise everything…

“It’s like the psychology of football, they say imagine scoring a goal, I go through all the steps constantly.

“It more or less takes over your whole world.

“No one knows what it’s like to do this show until they do it, it’s nerves and emotion and adrenalin and it builds up.

“Going through it isn’t easy, it’s very much a rollercoaster.”

And of course, Patrick has been coping with a hand injury that he sustained in a fall while rehearsing for last week’s live show.


Of that he explained, “I fell backwards. I put my hand down and braced my fall, and thought ‘Oh, that feels a bit funny’, but I trained for two hours, making my hand worse.

“The next morning my hand wasn’t in a good way.

“There are always medical advisors on set at Casualty and they checked my hand and I went to hospital.

“I have an Inflamed Dorsal Capsule. The prognosis was to have the hand in a brace and have it elevated for at least two weeks.

“But I had to rehearse and dance a new dance. Yeah there’s pain, you can only take so many pain killers.”

He concluded, “It’s affecting how things are going, lifts are out.

“But we are trying to incorporate as many other elements as possible.”

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Strictly Come Dancing continues tonight on BBC1 from 6.30pm, and tonight’s theme is of course Halloween.

For now though, here’s a look at a Friends themed trailer remake courtesy of the Strictly stars…

Lynn is an editor and writer here at Unreality TV and is a trained psychotherapist and the author of two books. She's addicted to soaps, period drama and reality TV shows such as X Factor, Big Brother, BGT and I'm A Celeb.