Strictly Come Dancing 2013: Patrick Robinson forgot his steps before going on stage last week & Fiona Fullerton is finding the Waltz “really difficult”

by Nick Barnes

Strictly Come Dancing

On tonight’s show, Anya Garnis and Patrick Robinson will be dancing the Foxtrot, which is a slow, controlled, romantic dance that fits in perfectly with love week.

However, Patrick has been having a couple of problems with his frame and the controlled rise and fall. But, I wonder if he will forget his steps before going on stage this evening, as he did last week?

When asked how he felt about last week’s dance, Patrick said: “Yeah, all the way through and then at the end it was like ‘YES!’”

Just before going on stage last week, Patrick gave Anya the fright of her life when he told her that he couldn’t remember his steps – oops!

Speaking about the Foxtrot this week, Anya explained that it has been “a very, very challenging week”.

Patrick further elaborated: “For me, it’s the slow, controlled rise and fall and holding your frame is hard, so I have to work harder”.

Strictly Come Dancing

Elsewhere, Fiona Fullerton and Anton Du Beke will be dancing the Waltz which again, fits in perfectly with the love week theme as it’s quite a beautiful, elegant dance.

Last week, the pair had a bit of a mishap when Fiona fluffed up part of her dance toward the latter end of the routine.

Speaking about the mishap, Fiona explained: “Well at that point, my brain stopped sending messages to my feet and I don’t know what was going on. I stepped off on the wrong foot and then chaos broke out, but it was right at the end”.

Anton groveled: “I thought the rest of the dance up until that point, it was tremendous. To go slightly wrong and not to be put off completely is incredible seeing as we only get a short time to work on the dance”.

“The Waltz is really lovely and it’s a dance that suits Fiona down to the ground. She’s elegant and sophisticated and she moves across the floor beautifully”.

Nick Barnes

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