Strictly Come Dancing 2013: Patrick Robinson loves to dance and doesn’t want to think about his worst fear

by Nick Barnes

Patrick Robinson

Casualty star Patrick Robinson says that he doesn’t just like dancing, he loves it!

Speaking at the Strictly Come Dancing launch show on Wednesday (September 4) evening, Patrick said that he loves dancing and he doesn’t want to think about his worst fear as if you put it out there, you’re also putting out negativity… He went on to add that he is looking forward to doing the Waltz as it’s quite a technical dance.

Patrick, are you much of a dancer anyway?

“I keep saying that I don’t like dancing I love it, so that should kind of answer all of those questions. It isn’t about performing and being the best, it’s about enjoying it. It is what it is, all the training I am looking forward to, that is the bit I love to do”.

Are you first on the dance floor at weddings?

“Yes, and usually I am the only one!

Are you going to have a say in which songs you go for each week?

“Of course, but in the end I will leave it to the teacher. I have some interesting ideas. There is one guy that I want to use his music. It wouldn’t be suited to get his music to the Waltz. That’s the one I want to conquer”.


What is your biggest fear?

“That question is quite tricky as what I believe is when you put out negativity you’re projecting that is what’s going to happen, so I don’t want to say what the worst thing is going to be. I’ve kind of done it already, if I fall up those steps then that’s the worst thing that could happen – it didn’t happen, so that’s the worst thing that could happen”.

Who do you think are the ones to watch apart from yourself?

“Oh gosh, I think you mean who is likely to win? They’re all good to watch. It depends who you like. I like Dave, he was doing his own thing, I like to watch him and see what he is doing”.

What sort of dance are you looking forward to?

“The Waltz as it’s really tricky so I’d like to conquer that”.


Nick Barnes

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