Strictly Come Dancing 2013: Rachel Riley is finding her Quickstep a bit erm… quick! And she loved her transformation last week

by Nick Barnes

Strictly Come Dancing

Last week, queen of the numbers Rachel Riley and her professional partner Pasha Kovalev danced the Cha Cha and the pair saw a dramatic rise in their scores, from 20 the week before to 27 last week.

Moving onto this week, the pair will be dancing the Quickstep, which has caused one or two problems for Rachel as she is finding it all a bit erm… quick!

“It was really weird, I didn’t feel like myself as soon as I had that hair, as I’ve never had hair that long at all,” Rachel said about the transformation for last week’s Cha Cha.

Pasha went onto say that the overall character – the dress and the hair extensions – helped Rachel get into Cha Cha mode last week and that’s why we saw such a transformation with her dancing. The scores jumped from 20 to 27 last week, with a 6 from Craig and 7’s from the rest of the judges.

“I’m not really sure what Bionic Bum is… I fell on it today and it was quite soft,” Rachel joked about Len’s comments about her ‘Bionic Bum’.

This week, the pair will dance the quickstep and Rachel added: “I can see why they called it the quickstep.


“It’s not that it’s quick, it’s just that you can fit three times more steps in so there’s so many more steps you have to remember, and to count, it’s very, very quick”.

One of the things that Rachel has been struggling with is… her left and right. One would think that with a brain like Rachel’s and working out mahoosive sums on a daily basis, then she would be able to work out her left and right. Apparently not…

“I don’t think it’s going to help, she’d be looking down all the time,” Pasha said about the idea of putting an ‘L’ and ‘R’ on her shoes.

Speaking about this week’s Quickstep, Pasha said: “Well as usual, I put too much content into the quickstep”.

Rachel added: “When Pasha does it by himself, it looks brilliant…”

Nick Barnes

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