Strictly Come Dancing 2013: Sophie Ellis-Bextor knows she “can’t hide” on the show

by Nick Barnes

Sophie Ellis-Bextor

Singer Sophie Ellis-Bextor has said that despite her career as a pop star and making various different music videos, it doesn’t compare to the magnitude of Strictly Come Dancing.

She says that her music videos can be edited and polished whereas on Strictly, the show is live and can’t be edited out.

“I am a singer, the choreographer may give me some marks but if I don’t really hit them, nobody takes me to one side and tells me it isn’t good enough,” she said when asked if her line of work would potentially help her on the show “All the other dancers do the fab stuff and then they edit it. With Strictly, I can’t hide, I have to do it”.

sophie ellis bextor

She also went on to say that she isn’t going to argue with the judges if she doesn’t agree with the comments that they may give her.

“We’re here to learn something and this is not our day jobs. I say suck it up from the experts and take it all in,” she explained.

She went on to joke: “If all else fails, I’m still a singer”.

There have of course been a few comments about ‘Murder on the Dance Floor’ – she quipped that she isn’t sick of the jokes quite yet (whilst nodding her head in disagreement to say that she is indeed tired of the jokes, and that’s just after three days).

When ask if there’s any dances that she’s looking forward to doing on the show, she said: “I don’t know yet, I’ll be happy if there’s just one I enjoy”.

Strictly Come Dancing returns on Saturday (September 7) at 6:50pm on BBC One/HD.

Nick Barnes

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