Strictly Come Dancing 2013: Susanna Reid is having a hard time mastering the walk & she loved last week’s dance

by Nick Barnes

Strictly Come Dancing Susanna Reid Kevin Clifton

Last night, news reporter Susanna Reid and her professional partner Kevin Clifton appeared on spin-off show, It Takes Two on BBC Two.

Last week, the couple scored the highest-scoring Waltz of the series so far with a whopping 36 points. Susanna said she has watched the dance back a few times and gets just a little emotional whenever she watches it. However, moving onto this week’s Paso Doble, Susanna is having a hard time mastering possibly the most important element…

Speaking about Saturday’s spectacular dance, Susanna said: “I loved it. I’m still a bit speechless about it. It was glorious to dance, lovely to dance with Kevin, beautiful music. I’ve watched it back a few times, I have to say”.

Appearing on It Takes Two a couple of days back, Karen Hardy said that the dance should have received 4 10s never mind 4 9s from the judges.

“I say Karen knows her stuff! Karen’s been very kind to us, she said 10s a couple of dances back as well. I really enjoyed dancing to it,” Kevin said.

On THAT shoulder posture, Susanna said: “I have a feeling we were working so hard on the steps and the technique, my shoulders relaxed naturally”.

This week, Susanna has been having a really hard time grasping one element of the dance and unfortunately, it’s integral to the whole dance. In fact, it’s integral to every day life, but Susanna can’t get her head around it. That element is… walking! Susanna has been having trouble mastering the walk this week, stating that she suddenly can’t walk when she has to think about how she actually walks. Odd, I know…

Strictly Come Dancing

“The one thing that really didn’t work today was the walk. The simplest part of the dance didn’t work,” she joked.

This weekend, the couple have the Paso Doble and Susanna says that she is really loving it.

She said: “I love it. I really love it. The usual thing on Monday, I didn’t have a clue and I didn’t think I’d be able to do it, but I’m enjoying it so much”.

#StrictlyFact – Susanna doesn’t score as well on her Latin dances as she does on her ballroom dances. Speaking about whether this weekend can break that tradition, Kevin said: “I really hope so, I didn’t know that fact. I think Susanna is a cracking Latin dancer and she does well on them both. Maybe this is the one where you prove the judges wrong”.

Nick Barnes

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