Strictly Come Dancing 2013: Susanna Reid hates nerves and she goes a bit weak the knees over the Waltz

by Nick Barnes

Strictly Come Dancing Susanna Reid Kevin Clifton

Susanna Reid and her professional partner Kevin Clifton (from Grimsby) retained their position on the top of the leader board on last week’s live show and managed to bag themselves 34 points.

This evening, the pair will be dancing a waltz, which is a slow, romantic dance which exposes all Susanna’s technical ability. The couple have danced the Viennese Waltz before, but according to Kevin that doesn’t help…

Speaking of last week’s dance, Susanna said: “Oh my goodness, there’s such a sense of jeopardy when you go out and do something, especially when the Charleston is so complicated and packed full of stuff… it was fantastic to get marks like that”.

One part of Saturday evening that Susanna doesn’t enjoy is the nerves prior to going onto the dance floor – and I would presume everyone suffers with the same thing.

Strictly Come Dancing

“I don’t enjoy the nerves, I feel sick with nerves,” she explained “That’s definitely the most horrid thing on Saturday night. You’d think I’d get used to them but they grab you at the most horrible moment”.

Last week, the judges said that Susanna needs to work more on her crispness in her dances. During rehearsals this week, Kevin has taken that on board and the pair have been focusing more on their technique.

He explained: “I think that this week we have worked more on the technical nitty gritty stuff. This week is a slow dance and so you’re more exposed to the technique”

On this evening’s Waltz, the breakfast host said: “It’s ridiculous! I’m dancing a Waltz which is the most romantic dance, with this man and that beautiful piece of music so yeah… it does make you go a bit weak”.

The Waltz is a very slow dance and a million miles away from the Charleston that the pair performed last week. When asked if she was looking forward to the slower dance routine this week, she passed the question over to Kevin, in which he said: “You haven’t looked gentle for the most of the week, but today went quite well. I was happy with that”.

“No, not at all because the thing is, this one is so much slower and you’re more exposed,” Clifton said of the Waltz and whether the Viennese helped “The Viennese Waltz is based around three steps and with this one we have so much more choreography and there’s so much more technical aspects on top of it”.

Strictly Come Dancing continues this evening at 6:30pm on BBC One and we will be bringing you all the updates!

Nick Barnes

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