Strictly Come Dancing 2013: Vanessa Feltz thinks she will ruin ‘young, innocent & lovely’ James Jordan!

by Lisa McGarry

james jordan vanessa feltz

We love James Jordan, we think all you Strictly Come Dancing fans know that by now. We gush about his dance skills on an almost daily basis when the BBC show is on air and let’s not even get us started on that amazing physique. However not even we could bring ourselves to describe him as ‘young and innocent and lovely.’

That’s exactly how his new Strictly partner Vanessa Feltz sees him though and she’s worried that she will be so bad at dancing and so hopeless at learning their new routines, that she will tarnish him over the course of the new series.

Vanessa is delighted to be partnered with the hunky professional and said:

james jordan vanessa feltz

“I was absolutely astounded, I have certainly drawn the long straw. I could not be more thrilled. I apologise in advance for all I am going to put him through. I certainly don’t mean it. I have nothing against the poor fellow.”

She teased:

“You see how young and innocent and lovely he looks now? Well just wait until he’s tried to teach me to dance.”

However James isn’t going to have any of that nonsense in the rehearsal room and he wants a bit more self belief and confidence backstage. he said:

“She keeps apologising which is already slightly frustrating, because she’s got nothing to apologise about. As long as you try and we have fun, that’s the most important thing.”

Feltz was just looking forward to getting stuck in at rehearsals and continued:

“I am looking forward to actually learning to dance for the first time in my life. I believe I can do it, if I try hard and he has patience…I know he’s got skill, my God he’s a beautiful dancer. If I could learn to dance for the first time ever it would be absolutely heavenly.”

vanessa feltz

Meanwhile, James has already been working Vanessa hard this week and yesterday he shared this photo of her standing with weights in her hands and captioned it:

“Working on posture today with @VanessaOnAir She’s working very hard!”

Poor Vanessa! Leave your comments below….

Lisa McGarry

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