Strictly Come Dancing: Ashley Taylor Dawson was “buzzing” over last week’s scores & the Quickstep is like a 5,000-piece puzzle

by Nick Barnes

Strictly Come Dancing Ashley Taylor Dawson

Last Saturday, Ashley Taylor Dawson and his professional partner Ola Jordan broke the curse of the score of 31. In fact, they scored their highest score to date with 33, along with a 9 from Darcey Bussell.

This week Ashley and Ola will be dancing the Quickstep, which Ashley has compared to being like a 5,000-piece puzzle. Appearing on It Takes Two last night, he also added that he has worked on his posture a lot this week, which will hopefully be good enough to take him through to Blackpool next weekend.

Speaking about the score last week, Ashley said: “I was buzzing because after speaking to you last week, we didn’t realise it was 31 three weeks on the run”.

“I have been tougher on Ashley.” Ola confirmed of this week’s dance “We work really hard and we’re not getting as many hours as everyone else. When we get into the studio I’m pushing Ashley as much as I can, the routine was hard and it worked”.

One thing that Darcey loved about the dance last week was the dark, evil side to Ashley and Craig even liked the aggressiveness of the performance! Ohhh!

Strictly Come Dancing Ashley Taylor Dawson

Of course, Ashley is used to taking on a character on Holloaks, but he said: “It’s lovely to take on a character as it lets you forget about you and it distracts you from what’s going on. “

Posture, posture, posture! It’s the one thing that Ashley gets picked up on each and every week. Ola has assured us that they have worked extremely hard on the posture this week, so hopefully this evening’s performance will showcase that.

This week the pair will be dancing the Quickstep which is, as the name suggests, a very fast-paced dance. I think the fast footwork is the type of dance Ashley excels at.

Speaking about how this week’s dance is progressing so far, Ashley said: “It’s really, really hard. I keep saying that if the Tango is like a 200-piece puzzle, this is like a 5,000-piece puzzle. There’s so many steps and when she showed me, I just laughed. It’s ridiculous. It’s fun because it’s so fast, you feel like you’re running. It’s a very strange dance. The hard thing for me is doing a full day of work and then you have to be focused.”

Ola added: “There’s a lot of steps in it, I wanted to do a proper Quickstep – there’s no messing about! It’s full on, hopefully Ashley can keep the posture up, his head up and it’ll be amazing”.

Strictly Come Dancing continues this evening at 6:30pm on BBC One.

Nick Barnes

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