Strictly Come Dancing: Darcey Bussell reveals how Natalie Gumede can score 10s & who is her favourite?

by Nick Barnes

Strictly Come Dancing

Darcey Bussell made an appearance on last night’s It Takes Two with Zoe Ball and she said that she is really enjoying the series so far.

She said she is loving Dave Myers so far as he exudes “enthusiasm” and Sophie Ellis-Bextor’s Charleston was beautiful. She also told us what Natalie Gumede needs to do to turn those 9s into 10s…

Darcey has been on the panel for a couple of years now. Speaking about how this series is going to far, she explained: “I’m really enjoying it, the nerves are always there with me. I like the nerves as they keep me on my toes and the boys are gorgeous to me. I have to have a laugh, I don’t want to take it too seriously”.

We of course saw Deborah Meaden and Robin Windor sadly leave the competition on Sunday evening after being kicked off the show by the judges. Darcey said that they were “in the middle” and it’s always a difficult place to be for the celebrity couples as sometimes they just get forgotten about.

Darcey said: “It was horrible. It’s always difficult when they’re in the middle, their scores were improving but people seem to forget about the dancers when they’re in the middle. Deborah loved every minute of it, she was learning a new skill”.

Strictly Come Dancing

The dancer also went on to address a question that we’ve all had… Does the dance-off really matter? If you love a couple that much on the show, does the dance-off really influence your decision as a judge? She explained: “It is about the dance-off and how they pull it off at that moment. If they do make a mistake you can’t keep them. I do fall in love with people as you know how much work they put into it, but if they mess up you can’t keep them”.

Moving onto the dazzling topic of Natalie Gumede, Darcey said that she needs to let go and stop over-thinking things if she wants to see those 9s transform into 10s.

“She’s stunning and she’s got so much. It’s her concentration –  she’s trying to perect the technique so much, I haven’t seen her relax and let go,” she explained “She’s always thinking. I just want her to be free and let go – maybe be a little bit wild”.

“A lot have taken on so much. I’m always surprised. Ashley has taken on so much as there were a lot of little habits, and the next week he realizes. So many of them have taken in so much, but they have so much to think about and remembering the steps,” she added about how the celebrities have taken on so much advice.

Speaking about her favourite dancers on the show this year, she said: “Everybody is there for a different reason and with Dave, he has this enthusiasm. He has to have more hours than everyone else, but I want him to keep that up. He has a wonderful entertainment factor”.

Strictly Come Dancing 2013 continues this Saturday (November 2) at 6:30pm on BBC One/HD.

Nick Barnes

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