Strictly Come Dancing: Ed Balls glad he got to show off his “slightly camp” side on the show…

by Nick Barnes
Ed Balls - Strictly Come Dancing 2016

Ed Balls was eliminated from Strictly Come Dancing on Sunday evening, and it was a rather bitter-sweet feat. We’re coming to the end of the series now, and rightfully so, only the best dancers should be in the competition… that’ really how a competition should work. However, having said that, Ed Balls brought so much entertainment to the show every week and he came across as a rather nice guy.

In his first interview since his exit on BBC Two’s ‘It Takes Two’, Ed Balls has revealed that he’s glad that he got to show off his “slightly camp” side on Strictly Come Dancing as it’s something he couldn’t do in politics…

It goes without saying that Ed has had an outpouring of support from the public. Despite repeatedly finding himself at the bottom of the leaderboard, he still managed to sail through 10 weeks on the show. It’s incredible he got so far, to be honest.


Over those 10 weeks, we saw him dance to ‘Great Balls Of Fire’, and how could we forget THAT Gangnam Style dance?

“I’ve always had a fun, slightly camp side. But those are things people don’t see when you’re a politician. It was a big wow to me as well because not only did I know I could channel my inner camp side, but I didn’t know it was needed,” he said.


When asked if he will make a return to politics, Ed simply said: “Never say never”.

Strictly Come Dancing continues on BBC One this weekend.

Nick Barnes

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