Strictly Come Dancing: Mark Benton’s “effective” Waltz goes down well with the judges

by Nick Barnes

Strictly Come Dancing

Mark Benton and Iveta Lukosiute danced the Waltz to Apologize by OneRepublic and it’s safe to say, it wasn’t as dreadful as last weekend’s MC-Hammer inspired dance… Earlier this week, he said that he was going to play it straight for tonight’s dance and he seemingly stuck to his word.

The Cha Cha was Mark’s favourite dance so far, he had an amazing reaction from the audience but Craig’s comments burst his bubble. This week, his aim is to put a smile on Craig’s face. However, one thing you need for the Waltz is to be elegant, but he lacks with any sort of elegance.

Last week, the pair scored a total of 23 points after his the Cha Cha went down a storm with the audience. Craig wasn’t too impressed saying it was dreadful. Len Goodman on the other hand said Mark is “full of talent” – we’re not sure about that comment, Len.

Mark doesn’t exactly excel when it comes to dancing out of hold, it’s all a bit clumpy and stumpy, but he tries. You can see in his facial expressions that he’s putting everything into his performances. It didn’t have much elegance in the dance, but it was a tad romantic… maybe.

Strictly Come Dancing

Judges Comments

  • Len Goodman: “The Waltz is easy on the eye, but your left arm went bit forward and it spoiled it a bit. What I love is that you come out and you have this natural personality about you”.
  • Bruno Tonioli: “It’s always extremely well played. It’s a good quality but tonight was a question of posture and top line”.
  • Craig Revel Horwood: “So much better than that ghastly dance you did last week, much easier on the eyes. You danced it simply, effectively, much better”.
  • Darcey Bussell: “You transported me. One week you’re the latin man and now you’re this real elegant gentleman. Your top line is better, overall how you hold Iveta, your care, I liked it”.


Both Mark & Iveta received a combined score of 28 with a 87from Craig Revel Horwood, a 7 from Darcey Bussell, a 7 from Len Goodman and a 7 from Bruno Tonioli.

Strictly Come Dancing continues tomorrow evening at 7:20pm on BBC One.

Nick Barnes

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