Strictly Come Dancing: Former EastEnders & Loose Women star could be heading to the ballroom!

by Emily H

Strcitly Come Dancing is gearing up to return later this year and there’s already a slew of stars being attached to the show.

The latest famous face rumoured to be heading to the ballroom is former EastEnders star and Loose Women panellist Martine McCutcheon as sources are claiming that BBC bosses are eager to snap her up for the upcoming series.

According to an insider who spoke to The Mirror, “Strictly really want her to be on the show” and are allegedly so keen to get her to sign on the dotted line that they’re willing to offer her a 6 figure sum to make a commitment.

“She is a household favourite and the public love her,” the insider added.

Notably, Martine made a big return to the spotlight as an actress earlier this year after she reprised her role as Natalie in Love Actually when the cast reunited for their Comic Relief special.

But while the Strictly rumours swirl, Martine appeared to throw fans off the scent by recently telling Daily Star that she thinks training for the show would be too hard on her health.

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The site reported that BBC bosses have been chasing her for years but claimed that she’s always turned them down because of her battles with depression, ME and Lyme disease.

“Out of all the reality shows I would have absolutely loved to have done Strictly, but I would have struggled with my health,” she said of why she’s never agreed to do the show in the past.

“Even people who are really, really fit have told me it’s the hardest thing they’ve ever done so I know it wouldn’t have been possible,” she continued, admitting that even though she’s healthy now it’s probably still not something she’d be willing to do.

“I am fit and well at the moment but while I am healthy I want to concentrate on the things I love the most, like music,” Martine added.

See Martine McCutcheon in Love Actually below;

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