Strictly Come Dancing running commentary: 28th November 2009

by Lisa McGarry


Ooh, Tess all fringy – did the wardrobe department do her hair? Lovin’ that look – except for the 2012 Olympic Gold round her neck, fresh off the smelt or wherever they come from. Jeez, Ali can barely walk down the steps *shakes head* Brucie mentions drama queens. Cut to Bruno, lol.

Chrola up first! Role reversal in training. The Jordans are being bossed around, helping him move. Adore Ola’s Charleston dress. Ha ha – brilliant routine, Yay and a Woohoo – how much fun was that? Great job by the band, great choreography, suited them so much, cheeky and full of magic. Happy Birthday to Bruno. Len: The fun and entertainment you’ve just given us was fabulous; Alesha: A whole new side, you owned that dance, brilliant routine, energy, fun, set the standard; Bruno: The delightful dancing fool at his best, your best to date; Craig: Very crowd pleasing, theatrical, plucky, I loved it. Score: 34

Ricalie – severely lacking in gym mats in training, if you ask me. Nice hair extensions – Natalie, not Ricky. Well, the lack of practice showed, it’s lacking energy, however, that was one tricky routine with all those Rock’n’Roll air steps, unsurpringly a couple of mistakes, a bit out. He didn’t nail it, but you’d be hardpressed to see any of the other celebs attempt any of that. His actual dancing is still sooo good – but may be in trouble. Len: What we saw is what we’re looking for, apart from the mistakes; Alesha: King of the lifts, but needed to let go more; Bruno: You’re good – but has to be mistake free; Craig: More height needed, lacked a little wow. Score: 31

Alian were having such fun in training until that moment – and now she’s hobbling down the stairs to Charleston in flat shoes – very sensible. And bloody fantastic routine, considering (the adrenalin kicked in and numbed the pain) Absolutely delightful, the swivel was there, a quirky Ali. No offence Brian, but I didn’t see you. Brilliant, well done Ali. Bruno: the fabulous flapper, swivelling, flavour of the era; Craig: Goofy, gangly, absolutely gorgeous. Giving Josephine Baker a run for her money; Len: A new side to you, great; Alesha: proved you were the front runner, full of bounce and colour – after the week you’ve had, outstanding. Score: 37. Aw, Chris held the record for about five minutes.

Vinalie started off their rock’n’roll routine with fantastic energy but couldn’t keep it up, the choreography nowhere near ambitious enough, no wow factor like the others so far. An element of fun as ever, but she’ll be bottom of the judges leaderboard. Tonight we find out how popular she really is. Craig: Wasn’t for me, very one dimensional; Len: Wasn’t great, needed a wow factor; Alesha; You always bring personality, felt a little bit flat; Bruno: You’re a goer, we love you for it – Vincent needs to work on your technique. Score: 26

Lainton speakseepy…speaksteeb…speaksealy… or not, eh, Brucie? A quick glimpse into the speakeasy world of Tess’ area when no-one’s looking. They’ve never known Anton to be so quiet in training! Great start, lots of promise, her most energetic routine to date. Good fun, but not as much as the others. Alesha: Comedy element, storytelling, did so well, thanks for getting Anton this far; Bruno: A glitzy panto; Craig: Heavy, no swivel, laboured loved the storytelling and fun element; Len: He (Craig) is so wrong – it was lovely. Score: 31.

Group Viennese Waltz training, or, Demolition Derby! Or “proper dancing” says Anton! Len explains how they judge it – he’s expecting bumper cars. My adrenalin’s going, I’m actually shaking – they all looked fab to me, and only one little near pile-up towards the end! Judges appraisal: Len – Alipali, lovely, so smooth; Alesha: Chris little but still stood out; Bruno: Leila coped well, but then she does have Anton; Craig: Natalie redeemed herself; Len; Ricky coped beatifully, good floorcraft. Marks out of ten, judges getting together while we wait in Tess’ area with the couples – I just noticed how pretty all the dresses are. The girls loved being led around; scores in: Chrola 7; Ricalie 9; Alian 10; Vinalie 7; Lainton 8. Leaderboard reads: Alian, Chrola, Ricalie, Lainton, Vinalie. I miss the chit chat with Tess as I’m too busy voting.

Matthew and Aliona, Brendan and Katya take to the floor with a modern twisted foxtrot. It’s awesome, is it Aliona and Katya’s influence, these contemporary twists? Bruno loving Ali and Chris’ performances tonight. Julian Clary, national trinket, with some words of advice in the QPR locker room: There’s a camp man trying to get out of Ricky’s shirt – Chris’ is already out and is not going back. Craig, he wants his corset back. Teaser for ITT – the Pros’ dance off on one of those dance mat machine thingies.

Riverdance are awesome, I love watching them so much. James and Nelly sing Broken Strings, I thought Lloyd had popped in from next door for a second there. Darren and Lilia accompany, she’s borrowed a catsuit from Ola – and she’s cut bits out of it! The Pro’s big up their celebs.

The Moment of Truth. I need a wee. Safe: Alian, palpable relief; Chola – even higher squeal from Ola! Who’s the last one? Lainton! It’s a Rock’n’Roll Dance Off. Ricalie first and – Yes, totally nailed it that time, miles better. My heart is thudding. I don’t see how Vinalie can be saved. They can’t. Craig says it’s the best he’s seen Ricalie dance; Alesha congrats both; Bruno: Ricalie much better second time round. It’s a clean sweep for Ricalie. Ricky is straight over to little Natalie, who says she’s had the most amazing time. There’s a standing ovation, Nat gets a little dance from Brucie. Everyone’s welling up, even me – and I didn’t even vote for them!



Lisa McGarry

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