Strictly Come Dancing TROUNCED X Factor again, but BBC facing more ‘racism’ accusations over Naga Munchetty!

by Lynn Rowlands
Strictly Come Dancing 2016: Naga Munchetty

According to a report in the Daily Mirror today, ITV’s X Factor lost out to the BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing again this weekend in the battle to top the viewer ratings leagues.

The publication reports, “An average audience of 9.8million opted for the dance show with a peak of 10.8million and an audience share of 46.3% when it aired at 6.30pm.”

X Factor meanwhile apparently scored a peak viewing audience of 6.7million, “and a share of 28%”.

But of course, the data can and often is significantly altered and affected by repeat showings, catch-up TV broadcasts and obviously, many viewers record one, if not both shows, to watch at a later point. So the figures are somewhat subjective and debatable…

But what isn’t is that the BBC are facing yet more cries of ‘racism’ after Naga Munchetty became the latest Strictly Come Dancing celeb to be voted off the long-running dance show.

Going before her were Melvin Odoom and Tameka Empson, both of whom are of course black. So a number of Strictly viewers are mooting the suggestion that it’s “telling” that so far, no white celebs have been voted off.

Strictly Come Dancing group

© BBC – Photographer: Jay Brooks

Will Young has of course left this year’s Strictly Come Dancing, but he wasn’t voted off and instead, quit for “personal reasons”.

So is it possible that racism is to blame for the fact that the first three celebs to leave this year’s Strictly Come Dancing are black?

Or is it simply that Melvin, Tameka and Naga didn’t make the grade and it’s nothing whatsoever to do with any other factors?

Well, as you might expect, opinion among Strictly fans is divided…

On Twitter, one irate viewer wrote, “Wow! #Strictly is getting abit racist! I doubt I’ll carry on watching!”

Another tweeted, “Haven’t said it until now but how racist are the #strictly voters?”

Others though were having none of it, with one Strictly fan writing, “#Strictly Racist!? How bloody stupid. This is how wars start…

“So 3 black people got booted out. We wouldn’t bat an eyelid if they were white!”

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