Strictly Come Dancing: Week 7 Chart! Who danced it best?

by Gerard McGarry

Strictly Come Dancing logoWe’re not so much liveblogging Strictly Come Dancing this week as live charting the celebrity dancers! By our count, this is week 7 of the dance competition, and we’re down to 9 couples left. And those who survive this week will perform live at Wembley next week! Exciting stuff, no?

This chart is based on who we thought danced best on the night, based a little bit on how well the celebrities danced, but mostly on how enjoyable they were to watch.

  1. Harry Judd and Aliona danced an Argentine Tango this week and it’s no understatement to say that their routine was smoking hot. But then they’re two incredibly sexy dancers. Marred only a tiny bit by a clumsy lift which almost became a drop, Harry’s cemented his place as a frontrunner in this competition. Craig was effusive when he said “it was filth and I loved it”.  However, Len Goodman complained that there was no intensity, calling it clinical and neat.
  2. Alex Jones and James Jordan danced a jive to River Deep, Mountain High. We weren’t complaining about Alex in a cheerleader skirt! She did a little solo dance spot right at the start of the routine, but when James came in the pace quickened and they gave us a wonderful, lively dance together. Returning judge Len Goodman called it “full of verve and gusto”.
  3. Jason Donovan and Kristina have a Vienese Waltz this week. It’s an incredibly elegant routine from the two of them, Donovan cutting a dash in tails and Kristina in a gorgeous white dress. The pair looked exhausted at the end of it though. Alesha praises their dramatic waltz and the connection between the two of them. Bruno tells Jason that he was back in the zone this week. Not that he was ever out of the zone.
  4. Anita Dobson and Robin dance an Argentine Tango. Would it be cruel to compare Anita’s tango to Harry Judd’s?  Anita emerges showing a lot of leg. It’s actually quite an atmospheric piece of music, which lends itself well to the drama on the floor between Robin and Anita. It’s been hard to take Anita seriously in previous weeks, but this was a step up! Bruno’s commentary is inexplicable which means he’s excited, but Craig nitpicks though he’s generally pleased. Len seems happier with Anita’s tango than he was with Harry’s.
  5. Chelsee Healey and Pasha are dancing a foxtrot this week. Not sure what to think of this one. While some of the other dancers, male and female, are showing a lot of flair, Chelsee still isn’t showing a lot of solo aptitude and she looked stiff while in hold for the most part. Alesha is highly complimentary though, praising her elegance. Craig has a minor niggle, but tells her she’s starting to tick all his boxes.
  6. Holly Valance and Brendan dance to Will Young’s Leave Right Now. We were concerned that changing her professional partner would be a setback to Holly, but she didn’t seem to be phased by the change, although the routine was a little slower than last week’s amazing jive. Craig is surprisingly positive about the new partnership, but Len wants Holly to get a bit more “emotionally involved” in the dances.
  7. Robbie Savage and Ola were second up to dance tonight. Could they be the prettiest couple on the dancefloor? Robbie does a lift and spin that looks brilliant, until you look at his feet, which make it look like he’s frenziedly stamping on insects. Alesha Dixon noted that his lifts were “erratic”, but Craig Revel Horwood is shockingly positive about the routine.
  8. Russell Grant comes out this week still looking like Danny DeVito as the Penguin. There are a few recycled moves in this routine – surely he’s drummed on Flavia’s belly before? He’s possibly the first Strictly contestant to manage a costume change during a routine before, but does that mean it was cheating that he spent a good deal of his routine hidden from view? Entertaining routine, but I’m not sure what the judges will think of the dance content. Len Goodman described him as a “giant Fererro Roche” while Bruno teased that Russell “couldn’t wait to get out of that closet”.
  9. Audley Harrison and Natalie remind us that they’ve been in danger for several weeks now. Tonight they’re dancing a cha cha cha, but as much as we love watching Audley, he really is a terrible dancer. Natalie’s professional moves are in sharp contrast to Audley’s stiff steps. Even Bruno tells him that the national rail on a bank holiday has better timing.

And that’s your lot. By our reckoning, Audley Harrison is in danger this week. We sincerely doubt that Russell Grant – despite also being second last on the official Strictly Come Dancing leaderboard – will actually be in danger this week. Our best guess is that Robbie Savage or Chelsee Healey might be in trouble alongside Audley.

As always, we’d love to hear what you thought and how you would rank the contestants. Leave us a comment below!

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