What Strictly Curse? Louis Redknapp says Strictly Come Dancing has made her relationship stronger!

by Nick Barnes
Strictly Come Dancing 2016: Louise Redknapp

When Strictly Come Dancing returns to the BBC every autumn, there is always the talk o the dreaded ‘Strictly Curse’, and as much as the producers and execs may like to play it down, the Strictly Curse is a real thing, which we’ve seen in the past.

Just in case you’re not up to speed with the term… in the past we’ve seen a number of celebrities’ relationships go down the pan after appearing on Strictly Come Dancing, and we’ve then seen said celebrity get into a relationship with their professional dancer. The term ‘Strictly Curse’ was then born with some viewers reckoning that the format of the show was responsible for the breakdown of some of the relationships.

However, Louise Redknapp has said ‘What Strictly Curse?’ as she reckons that the show has made her relationship with former England footballer Jame Redknapp even stronger.

Strictly Come Dancing group

The Daily Star newspaper has quoted Louise as saying: “When i first started doing this show, I thought this is so not up Jamie’s street – but I can’t get rid of him. Every Saturday he’s in the front row, he’s in the training room and I wasn’t expecting that.

“I thought I’d go back to work, do my thing. He said ‘I think this is going to be great for you, get back out there, show everyone who you are’”.

She added: “It takes me back to 30 years ago when we first met and I was on stage – all good things come from Strictly”.

Strictly Come Dancing 2016: Louise Redknapp, Kevin Clifton


So there you have it… have we seen the back of the dreaded Strictly Curse?

Strictly Come Dancing continues this evening on BBC One with the all-important finale.

Nick Barnes

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