Strictly Come Dancing 2012: Bruno Tonioli, Len Goodman and Darcey Bussell discuss the dances they have picked for Kimberley Walsh, Denise Van Outen, Dani Harmer and Louis Smith in tonight’s final!

by Anna Howell

With this year’s Strictly Come Dancing final only hours away, three of the shows judges explained their decisions when picking the finalists dances for tonight’s show.

All four finalists, Olympic gymnast Louis Smith, Girls Aloud singer Kimberley Walsh, actress Dani Harmer and presenter, Denise Van Outen, all have to perform three dances in tonight’s grand finale.

The dances they have to perform include a show dance where they can show-case all their tricks and skills in a routine with no holds barred or rules, a choice of their own favourite dance from the series so far, and one dance that the judges have picked for them from earlier in the series which they think they could improve on.

Darcey Bussell, Len Goodman and Bruno Tolioli (but not Craig as he was dressed in high heels and false eye lashes at his pantomime) joined Zoe Ball on the last Strictly spin-off show, It Takes Two, of the series to discuss their reasons behind their choices for the contestants.

You have chosen a dance for all the couples to do, and for Denise you have chosen the Jive, Darcey you wanted to see an improvement in her shoulders from the time she did it before:

Darcey:  “She gets very excited, I think her energy levels get worked out by the style of the Jive itself and the energy comes into her shoulders so she needs to really watch that and keep her shoulder blades right down when she moves her arms up and down, because otherwise she has a tendency to look a bit wild!”

You have asked Louis to do his Salsa again, Len you weren’t too keen on this last time because there wasn’t enough Salsa:

Len:  “That’s right; I want him to get a little bit more content in there.  It is an iconic dance form Dirty Dancing which is great, but I don’t want just a parody of that number I want to see a real bit of Salsa.  This guy can dance, let’s see it, come on!”

Bruno, Dani got a 34 for her Tango, you want to see it again, how can she make it a 40?

Bruno:  “The thing about Dani is that she is very, very precise and technically she never, ever makes a mistake.  Now after seeing her Argentine, she has to put much more power to it, more interpretation to it, extend those lines even more.  She always does it right, but we want it special, we want powerful”

Len:  “Up until now, good has been good enough – to win this now you have got to be great!”

Darcey:  “She can do it!”

Kimberley has got the Viennese Waltz, you said that her top line let her down last time; can she crack that for the final?

Darcey:  “Definitely.  The amount she has improved, especially in the last few weeks is extraordinary.  And I think she knows exactly what she has to do now.”

What have been your highlights of this series?

Len:  “I tell you what my special moment was, when they first revealed who was dancing.  As each one came out it I thought ‘I know him’, ‘I know her’ and I knew them all and I loved that opening when they all got paired up and I thought this is going to be great.”

Bruno:  “For me it was Halloween. The costumes, the ideas they came up with, the make-up it was all relevant to ballroom and Latin but the interpretation was so different and inspiring – I thought it was wonderful.  It was such a fun night.”

Watch the Halloween pro-dancer performance in the clip below:

Strictly Come Dancing returns for this year’s Grand Final tonight at 6.30, with the results show scheduled to air at 8.50pm on BBC1/BBC1 HD.