Junior Apprentice 2010: Meet The Boys!

Multi-millionaire and self made businessman, Lord Sugar, left school at 16 with no money in his pocket and no qualifications. 40 years on and against the odds, he’s at the top of his game with a business empire worth millions. For decades a supporter of young people in business, Lord Sugar has decided to give ten of the UK’s most ambitious and driven teenagers the opportunity of a lifetime: competing for the title of the first ever Junior Apprentice.

From Wednesday 12th May, the 10 young candidates will face an education like no other as they embark on a series of tough tasks which will push their skills to the limit. The potential Junior Apprentices will face the same cut-throat competition as the adult series – it’s survival of the fittest and the tasks are just as challenging as ever.

Find out more about the young male contestants below.

Adam Eliaz

Age: 17

Education: 8 GCSE’s

Lives: London

Adam left school at 16 determined to succeed in business. He has since gone on to run his own online company selling camping and fishing equipment. He admits that he can be argumentative, but he’s not afraid of hard work.

He says: “I am not shy and communicate with anyone and everyone.”

Arjun Rajyagor

Age: 17

Education: A Levels in Physics, Maths and Systems & Control, AS Level Further Maths

Lives: Essex

Self-confessed maths fanatic Arjun loves computers – he built his own aged 12, and now runs a repair business from his bedroom.

He says: “Always look at the end goal and find a way to get there. Do what has to be done and never allow yourself to look back in regret.”

Jordan De Courcy

Age: 16

Education: Studying for the Leaving Certificate in Maths, Irish, English, French, Business, Economics and Geography

Lives: Co. Wicklow, Ireland

Jordan set up his first business when he was 12, and now runs a juice bar in Dublin. His hobbies include graphic design and website promotion, and he also loves to cook. He is continuously adding to his business portfolio and is currently working on a natural skincare range.

He says: “I see myself as a successful business man with many different business principles.”

Rhys Rosser

Age: 17

Education: A Level History, AS Level Physics, studying for A Levels in English, Business and French

Lives: Wales

Public Speaking champion in his region, Rhys believes that the most important thing in business is to know what you are doing, and that the customer isn’t always right. His spare time is spent mainly working in his parent’s hotel.

He says: “I’m going to use this opportunity to show people that I’m not a business boy, I’m a businessman.”

Tim Ankers

Age: 17

Education: Studying for A Levels in Politics, History, Economics and General Studies

Lives: Lancashire

Tim believes that the most important thing in business is good common sense. Head Boy at his previous school, his first job was as a stable boy for his neighbours. Despite not coming from a farming background, Tim earns money from farm work and gardening when he’s not studying.

He says: “Be friendly to everyone, take nothing to heart and keep it simple.”

Lisa McGarry

Lisa has been watching reality TV for too long now. She won't do any housework unless 'Big Brother' announces it over the tannoy and everything she does has to be put to a public vote!