Rhys Rosser fired from Junior Apprentice

by Gerard McGarry

The Junior Apprentice teamRhys Rosser is the third Apprentice hopeful to get fired from Junior Apprentice 2010. The teenager was team leader for a cupcake selling task that saw the corporate wannabes making and selling goods in Selfridges.

Ordered by Alan Sugar to find ways of selling the cupcakes by adding value to them, Rhys became the leader of Instinct when Tim Ankers declined the chance to lead the group. However, almost from the outset Rhys was unable to lead the team. His team mate Kirsty seemed to be coming up with all the ideas while Rhys took a backseat.

Even though Sugar’s henchman Nick noted how useless Rhys was, he stood up for the kid by noting that the team were totally disregarding him. Rhys explained this by saying that a team leader cannot function properly if his team won’t work with him. Utter nonsense, and I think it was a bit rich Nick standing up for him – because if the team had sold oodles of cupcakes, Rhys would have stood up as leader and took all the credit.

Unfortunately for his team mates Tim and Hannah, Rhys drew attention to their lack of input. This was fair comment, especially in the case of Tim, and Sugar was mindful of that when he summed up, insisting that Tim will be the team leader next week “whether you like it or not”.

In the same episode, Adam Eliaz was sent home after becoming ill. No idea what the illness actually was, but he was pictured several times throughout the episode slumbering in cars and looking lethargic in the kitchens. I kind of feel bad for judging him as a lazy bugger now that he seems to have been genuinely ill. No word on whether he’ll return, but Lord Sugar asked him to keep in touch.

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