The Apprentice 2009: Phillip Taylor Is Fired!


Seriously? Seriously? Sir Alan fired Phillip? He may have been no business mastermind but he was the only decent piece of eye candy on this years Apprentice. I am more than a little gutted tonight.

This week’s task was another sales based one and one in which most candidates struggled. In fairness I do think they were slightly set up by Sir Alan and co, I don’t think even the countries leading salesperson could sell large quantities of a dog’s lead designed to be used by lurvers or a cat’s cardboard aeroplane.

Mona and Empire had a decent week and managed to sell over £4500 worth of sleeping bags. It is fair to say that Mona really redeemed herself this week and that team would never have won without her.

Ignite lagged way behind with only £1300 worth of sales. The team were split into two groups and the sub-group containing Ben, Kate and Phillip didn’t shift a thing.

I am really surprised that team leader Lorraine made any sales at all. I don’t know a lot about selling but I do know that people will take you more seriously if you wash your hair and look basically clean. Good personal hygiene goes a long way in all circles.

After being dressed down by Sir Alan, Lorraine decided to bring Kate and Phillip back into the boardroom with her. She was convinced that their lack of sales may have had something to with their lack of focus on the task, caused by their burgeoning romance. I have to say in Kate’s defence, I would be distracted if I was pressed against Phillip on the back seat of a swish car.

In the final meeting, Phillip made it plainly obvious that he detested Lorraine when speaking to Sir Alan. In fact he was way too vocal about his irrational hatred, he got shirty and rude with the big Sir A, and took exception to being told that he wasn’t all that good. He should have taken Ben’s approach and said nothing. It was a sound strategy on this occasion.

So Phillip went home and now we are left to ogle big faced Ben, village idiot James or Howard, who bats for the other team. Not much of a choice is it?

Lisa McGarry

Lisa has been watching reality TV for too long now. She won't do any housework unless 'Big Brother' announces it over the tannoy and everything she does has to be put to a public vote!