Not just Katie Hopkins! Rami Hawash calls Gemma Collins fat too

by Lisa McGarry
gemma collins

gemma collins

Poor old Gemma Collins has had a nasty run of it this year already.

She didn’t win Splash, in fact all she got from taking part in the ITV show was some seriously bruised boobs and some pulled muscles.

If that wasn’t bad enough, she was then verbally attacked by Apprentice star Katie Hopkins, who branded her ‘fat’ and insisted her career success is all based on her weight (though Gemma did make a pretty good comeback we have to admit) and then she revealed that her engagement was over and she’d split from former fiancé Rami Hawash.

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse for the buxom TOWIE star, her pal Lucy Mecklenburgh has revealed some secrets about Gemma’s romance with Rami and it appears things weren’t what they seemed.

Despite Gemma seeming entirely loved up with the hunk, Lucy told new! magazine that Hawash was a bad’un from the start.

She insisted that he’s lying over claims that Collins scratched him and said that if anyone was abusive during the relationship, then it certainly wasn’t her co-star.


Lucy explained:

“I saw that Gemma Collins’ ex-fiancé Rami Hawash told a magazine that Gemma scratched him but Gemma has denied it.”

She added:

“Gemma has told me so many horrible things about Rami, such as him putting her down, calling her fat and ugly. It was inevitable that it wouldn’t work and they’re better off without each other. I hope she finds someone who treats her well.”

Gemma and Rami before she got together with Arg

Gemma and Rami before she got together with Arg

Poor old Gemma had a bit of a breakdown in the Splash rehearsal pool recently over her split from Rami.

However she seems in better form this week, and just days after shooting ITV2’s new promo for the next series of The Only Way Is Essex, she was rather upbeat and tweeted fans saying:

“Great day great people amazing meetings and all I can say is what a lovely day 😃😃😀😃😍😍😍 x”

Here’s hoping Rami feels the effects of lady karma very soon!

Read Lucy’s column in new! magazine, out now.

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