TOWIE: Gemma Collins slept with Arg WHEN, what part of him can’t she get enough of & does she know what celibacy means?

gemma collins, james argent

Gemma Collins and James Argent. Where are we with them in the wonderful world of The Only Way is Essex?

They only went and slept with each other a sodding week ago! SHOCK! Gemma swore that she was off men for a while. Her celibacy plan sounds like our diet plan. It never happens…

It seems like the flame the pair had never actually died out as they’re like yo-yo’s. They’re with each other, they’re not with each other, they hate each other and now they’re friends with benefits!

Admitting to New! the 32-year-old TOWIE star said that their romance “never really stopped” as she bedded him just one week ago. I’m glad she spared us all the gory details, mind.

Her excuse for jumping into bed with each other is just as pathetic as our diet plan, as she said that the pair will “always have a spark, he just can’t help it”.


Not only that, she went on to sickeningly reveal that she goes back to him due to his “massive manhood”… we want to be sick.

“At the end of the day, me and Arg have got this really special rapport. We love spending time together. I don’t know what’s going to happen,” she added to Star magazine.

But, one claim that she does still deny is that she slept with Arg whilst in Las Vegas. But, Arg is adamant that is happened.

Gemma added: “Everyone always calls me up after the show and says, ‘Did you see the way Arg looked at you?’ Who knows? You’ll have to keep watching this space”.

So, Gemma… we just have one note for you. Could you keep the bedroom info, and the details about Arg’s wang to yourself?

Nick Barnes

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