Bookies taking bets on how often Holly Willoughby will be seen on Saturday’s episode of The Voice

As the nation wonders ‘Where’s Holly?’ in the BBC’s hit show ‘The Voice,’ bookie Paddy Power has opened betting on how long the popular presenter will be seen in this weekend’s show.

Despite being paid a rumoured £400,000 to host The Voice Willoughby has yet to be seen on screen for more than 60 seconds in any of the episodes so far and Paddy Power are offering 2/1 Holly is seen for less than 60 seconds of this week’s show. However the bookie fancies the BBC to ramp up her presence slightly making a total viewing time of between 60 and 90 seconds the 4/6 favourite. Its 9/2 the nation’s men are treated to more than 90 seconds of ‘Holly time’.

Darren Haines, spokesman for Paddy Power, said: “Husbands and boyfriends enduring The Voice up and down the country have been disappointed at the lack of Holly so far so now Paddy Power are turning the national game of ‘spot Holly Willoughby’ into a bet.”

Meanwhile with most of the acts now chosen Jessie J is the mentor tipped to produce the first winning act of the UK show at 7/4 followed by at 9/4. And although much is likely to change when the live shows begin Jessie’s act Jessica Hammond is Paddy Power’s current 9/1 favourite.

Holly Willoughby’s appearance: Audition Show 4
2/1 Less that 1 minute
4/6 60 to 90 seconds
9/2 More than 90 seconds

Winning Judge
7/4 Jessie J
7/2 Tom Jones
7/2 Danny O’Donoghue

Outright Winner
9/1 Jessica Hammond (Team Jessie)
10/1 Joelle Moses (Team
14/1 Max Milner (Team Danny)
14/1 J Marie Cooper (Team
16/1 David Julien (Team Danny)
18/1 Vince Kidd (Team Jessie)
18/1 Vince Freeman (Team Danny)
20/1 David Faulkner (Team Jessie)
20/1 Bo Bruce (Team Danny)
25/1 Adam Isaac (Team Tom)
25/1 Heshima Thompson (Team
25/1 Aleks Josh (Team Danny)
25/1 Bill Downs (Team Danny)
28/1 Toni Warne (Team Jessie)
33/1 Ben Kelly (Team Jessie)
33/1 Deniece Pearson (Team Tom)
33/1 Hannah Berney (Team Danny)
33/1 Jay Norton (Team
33/1 Cassius Henry (Team Jessie)

Lisa McGarry

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