Femi Santiago goes from homelessness to success on The Voice 2014

Femi Santiago the voice 2014

Femi Santiago had quite the story to tell when he auditioned for The Voice.

The hopeful wowed the panel with his version of the Stevie Wonder classic My Cherie Amour but before singing he told the team about his struggles with homelessness and unemployment in his youth.

The 28 year old explained:

“From around the age of 19 I found myself without a home, without a place to stay. Being on the streets is like being in a place where you don’t exist. You see people but they don’t see you.”

He added:

“It was the most difficult thing I have ever faced in my life. I found myself losing hope. I was either going to ed my life at that point, or do something about it. I chose to do something about it.”

Femi continued, explaining:

“Through the help of a work scheme I found employment actually helping people find work. My first proper job….”

The Voice 2014

“Now I am happily married, I have an eight month old son, he is the best thing that ever happened to me. The smile he gives to me is priceless. My family are my unit and now I have that I intend to keep it.”

“If one of those chair turned around it would help me do so much more for my family than my parents did for me.”

“I a not here to fail, I am here to succeed. I am ready to be the person I was born to be.”

As Femi performed it looked for a minute like no one would turn for him, luckily Will.i.am’s chair spun at the last minute.

Ricky Wilson said:

the voice coaches 2014

“It sounded like you could sing that song all day long. It was the right song for you and it worked perfectly, maybe too perfectly. ”

Kylie Minogue added:

“I am thrilled Will turned around, He is so sneaky waiting to the very end. It was a perfect, classic interpretation of that song. It was so fluid and I shut my eyes and you had me. I wouldn’t know what to do with you but Will does.”

Will.i.am gushed:

“I was like we can’t let this guy not be part of the show. You are flawless, there were some points when you sounded exactly like Stevie but now you’re on my team we can let people get to know you.”

Tom said:

“You are with the best man I think. You did a hell of a job and I almost went for my button. I loved it, it was strong.”

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