Futuristic Will.i.am goes all traditional! Anna McLuckie teaches him the Harp!


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Will.i.am may look like he’s from the future and he may have even had one of his song’s played on Mars, BUT there’s just one thing he hasn’t mastered…

It would seem like the mother ship won’t come back for a certain Mr. i.am if he doesn’t master all skills on earth and one thing he’s been struggling with is… how to play the harp!

So, since The Voice UK is seemingly a two-way street, Will.i.am has poached folk singer Anna McLuckie to teach him how to play the harp.

We’ll see Will mastering the art of playing the instrument on this evening’s episode of The Voice UK which sees the first round of the Battles.

Listening to Will’s music, we’re not sure that him playing the harp in the background will really work, but we’ll see how it goes anyway…

Speaking of which, fans of the show will be surprised to see that Anna has dropped the harp from this evening’s first battle round in a bid to be a little more contemporary.

anna mcluckie

I have to admit, the Harp is more of a traditional instrument and doesn’t really do much for modern day viewers. Since Anna will be taking on Jessica Steele on tonight’s show, she’s tries to mix it up and do something a little different to win over the coaches, and the viewers at home.

The first time we saw Anna, she took to the stage to give a very different and unique rendition of Daft Punk’s Get Lucky, but tonight is all about her showing that she isn’t just a one trick pony and she can be versatile.

“I was daunted about the battle round and worried if I was given a really big song it would be impossible for me to sing,” she admitted.

The Voice UK continues this evening on BBC One at 7pm.

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