Hear’say’s Danny Foster fails on The Voice 2013……and it’s his birthday!

danny foster

‘Hear’s a blast from the past (see what I did there?): Former Hear’Say star Danny Foster turned up for an audition on The Voice tonight. This show certainly draws in the popstars of yesteryear, but with the exception of Cleopatra Comin’ At Ya and that odd looking woman from Five Star last year, The Voice almost uniformly chews these faded popstars up and sits them back out.

Danny doesn’t waste any time in regaling us with his history on Popstars, the show that arguably started the talent show trend of the last 12 years. Of course, he subtly fails to mention the spectacular fall from grace the band experienced. But then nobody wants to explore their negatives in a job interview, do they?

danny foster

On to the performance. You’re going to love this folks – it’s a funked-up version of the Spice Girls’ Wannabe. Yes, you read that correctly. He looks like Pitbull, sings Halliwell’s lyrics and sounds a little like Tom Jones. It’s really no wonder the coaches were mouthing the word ‘weird’ at each other. It was a daring audition, if you’re the kind of person who considers car crashes to be daring.

Shockingly…the audition ends with no coaches turning for him.

Jessie J: I didn’t turn around, because it was good, but it wasn’t amazing. And you look really familiar.

Danny O’Donoghue: I actually quite like the sound of your voice, but the track to me sounded a bit cabaret. And I mean that with the utmost respect because you have a really great voice. There’s a bit of an edge to your voice, a bit of rock. I would have done something to support that grizzly voice that you have.

the voice coaches

Tom Jones: You sing really well, and I understand what you were trying to do, but it just didn’t come together for me. Thanks for singing for us.

Danny O’Donoghue sums up the tragedy of the audition at the end, saying it’s devastating that someone who was in a successful band ended up being rejected on the show. The thing is, while Danny ultimately had a fantastic voice, his attempt to flip a pop song fell flat on its face.

Fascinating fact: It was Danny’s 34th birthday yesterday, so Happy Birthday Danny!

Did you enjoy Danny’s performance tonight? Do you think he should have won a place in Battle Rounds? Leave your comments below…

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