I’m Gonna Get You isn’t enough to win Angie Brown a place on The Voice UK!

by Lisa McGarry
angie brown the voice

angie brown the voice

Angie Brown can sing, not only that but she’s topped the charts before. However none of that was enough to win her a place in the battle rounds on tonight’s episode of The Voice.

The 50 year old singer was the woman behind the 90s dance tune ‘I’m Gonna Get You’ and that’s the song she performed for the coaches on the BBC show.

She told the team:

“It was totally an amazing time, it was a great feeling to be a part of something so successful. I have never had a track that has been as big as that, it has never happened again. I don’t want to be a one hot wonder, I want to prove I have still got it.”

She did a great job with the song but no coaches turned to offer her a place in battle rounds.

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Afterwards Kylie said:

The Voice 2014

“It was a little while ago and I was in the clubs dancing to it weekend, after weekend, after weekend. It was amazing and what a pleasure to hear you sing it live.”

Will.i.am knew exactly who she was and gushed:

“I have always loved that song and I never thought I would meet the person that sung it!”

He added:

the voice coaches 2014

“Why is that important to me? Because we were recording Boom Boom Pow and we were coming up with a bridge part and I was like ‘Fergie, have you heard this song? You have to do it like this!’ I played your song for the power on that section. I never thought I was going to meet you one day.”

The Black Eyed Peas star continued:

“I didn’t turn around only because of the stage that we are at. We all could be wrong…you could be that one that got away.”

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Lisa McGarry

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  1. Just a viewer on February 22, 2014 at 7:41 pm

    It’s a shame she was at some point a millionaire if not very close to it, glad she made it threw the 90’s with all the curuption in this indestry, you can also tell she’s done a great job of being a mum & wife, great character a nice person, just a shame she didn’t land more dance hits back in the day & also saved a Penny regardless well done girl

  2. Emma on February 22, 2014 at 9:20 pm

    Angie was amazing!!!! they should have picked her! 🙁 , love her song, going to download it now

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