CONFIRMED Jessie J quits The Voice but what about Tom Jones, & Danny O’Donoghue?

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Jessie J has confirmed that she has quit The Voice.

The British singer has served two series on the BBC talent show but will not be in her big red chair when the show returns for a third run in 2014.

Jessie previously revealed that she was making a choice between her own music career and TV role and it seems that she chose the former as the ‘Wild’ hit maker said:

“I’ve absolutely loved my time on The Voice and I hope everyone saw and knows how passionately I felt about the show. However, I can’t wait to promote my new record around the world and that has to take priority. I shall be keeping a very close eye on series three, showing my support in every way I can and [I] really hope that in some way I can be part of the show.”

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Mark Linsey, Controller of BBC Entertainment Commissioning, commented: “We’re so sorry to see Jessie go as she’s been an exceptional coach on – and an advocate for – The Voice, but we totally support her decision to leave due to touring commitments overseas. We very much hope that Jessie will remain part of the show and come back and perform for us next series. In the meantime we will now start the search for a new coach.”

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Jessie revealed this week that she wants to write some new tunes for The Voice finalists Matt Henry and Leah McFall. recently admitted that he has been invited back for the 2014 run of The Voice, but he hasn’t yet signed up for the series. He didn’t want to do it if he, Tom Jones, Danny O’Donoghue and Jessie weren’t all returning and told The Mirror last month:

“I’ve been asked to do series three, but it would depend on who else was there and it would be a hard decision. I feel like I’m married to Jessie so it would be weird if she wasn’t there. It’s like cheating.”

“I know that when I’m having a bad day I can look to my left and she will be pulling some weird face that will cheer me up. Tom will be chilled and Danny is an inspiration – he can make a song out of anything.”

Tom Jones continued:

‘The four of us make a great team — one without the other wouldn’t work.’

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