Joe Keegan gets Irish dancing on The Voice 2014 (VIDEO)

joe keegan

joe keegan

You see THIS is why we love on The Voice!

The US star is never afraid to get involved (even if he looks a little bit silly at times) and on tomorrow night’s episode he goes all Michael Flatley on our asses!

Young singer Joe Keegan shows up to sing for the coaches, but as well as some pretty decent vocal ability, it turns out that the hopeful is also a champion Irish dancer, as fact that fascinates Will.

The Black Eyed Pea star loves something a little out of the ordinary and his face lights up like a child on Christmas morning when Joe reveals he can dance like the cast of ‘Riverdance’ and adds:

‘I can show you if you want.’

Will joins the wannabe on stage and is shown how to do a ‘treble’ which he greatly enjoys. Kylie Minogue and Ricky Wilson can’t contain their laughter as he tappity taps about the room. joe keegan irish dancing

Sitting down after his lesson the star insists:

‘I am going to bust a treble, all the way to the rest room!’

However there may have been a slight language barrier, and he asks:

‘The trouble or the treble? Oh not trouble like ‘y’all going start some trouble inn this’?’

The Voice 2014

16 year old singer Joe doesn’t just Irish dance and sing, but he plays five musical instruments…..and he’s only 16 years old!

The teenager has mastered the piano, guitar, flute, ukulele and drums and will perform Keep Your Head Up by Ben Howard for the panel on tomorrow nights show.

He told The Bolton News:

“Music has been a massive part of my life.

“I would love to be number one on the top 40.”

Also appearing on The Voice this weekend are Judo expert Max Murphy and flirty hunk Femi Santiago.

Female fans will NOT be short of eye candy, we promise!

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