Nervous Bo Bruce had to be practically pushed onto The Voice UK stage!

Bo Bruce caused quite a stir when she auditioned for The Voice earlier this year, but it turns out that she almost didn’t make it onto the stage to perform at all.

The talented vocalist was seen on tonight’s episode of the BBC show, impressing the panel – Jessie J,, Danny O’Donoghue and Tom Jones – with her quirky rendition of ‘Without You’ by Usher and David Guetta.

Both Danny O’Donoghue and turned to offer her a place in their team and things got quite heated between the stars, before Bruce opted to go with The Script frontman, believing she had ‘more in common’ with the Irish star.

However, things very nearly didn’t get to that point, because an insider told us that minutes before going on stage to perform, Bo decided that she was too nervous and tried to leave.

A source close to Bruce told Unreality TV:

“Bo had to be coaxed to stay in the holding room before she was due to sing for the coaches and almost quit just minutes before her audition took place.”

The insider claimed that while Bo was ‘excited’ about the opportunities that may be afforded to her if she succeeded in her tryout, she also knew that if she didn’t perform to her highest standard, the whole thing could go very wrong and she wasn’t sure she wanted to take that chance.

They added:

“Although Bo was excited about singing for such huge stars, her nerves almost got the better of her and she knew that if she let them take hold, her vocals wouldn’t be good enough.”

“She knew she couldnt do her best if she was that scared.”

“Thankfully for Danny, Bo’s friends, family and some BBC staff members did help her to calm down and the rest is history.”

If Bo was nervous before she took to the stage, we imagine things only got worse when Danny and Will began fighting over her.

Mr O’D insisted she should join his team, because they probably had a similar record collection but got sniffy and the Black Eyed Peas star started raving about soup, miso soup in particular and sarcastically quipped that perhaps she should come with him, because they share the same taste in food.

The American star promised Bo that he would kick his whole team into gear, to help her progress her music career but Irish born Dan insisted that she shouldn’t be blinded by ‘science’ and said:

‘You can go with your gut and your heart.’

And that’s just what Bo decided to do. The 27 year old from Wiltshire is now in Team Danny and we wonder how he felt, when he found out he had a real life Lady on his hands?

Check out the video of Bruce performing and tell us, aren’t you glad she beat her nerves and made it to the stage? Leave your comments below….

Lisa McGarry

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